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A sympathetic driver and proper maintenance can do wonders for the longevity of a daily driver. Combine that with one of the most reliable and usable sports cars of all time, the Porsche 911, and big mileages often follow. Few rack up quite the distance of this 1989 Speedster, however, which is offered with 283,000 miles showing on the clock.

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster

After too many unscheduled trips to the garage, the current owner traded his Maserati Biturbo for the 911 in 1992, at which point it had covered just 600 miles. For the next 17 years the Porsche was used on a daily basis, come rain or shine. It was looked after by an owner with a good understanding of how to maintain a car, but never coddled. As well as trips to the shops it was regularly driven up to the Scottish Highlands on holiday, and it also made the occasional pilgrimage to LeMans.

Beyond routine servicing, the Speedster required new wheel bearings every 60,000 miles, an alternator rebuild and semi-regular changes of brake discs. The first major job to be undertaken was a clutch change at 206,000 miles. At that point, the engine was stripped down and rebuilt. Over the past decade it’s lived a slightly more relaxed life, but is now ready to be taken over the magic 300,000-mile mark. It will be offered for sale online via the new Collecting Cars auction platform, scheduled to go live at the end of May, and we’ll be interested to see how much its mileage influences the top bid. collectingcars.com

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