BMW Neue Klasse - production 1962–1977 Owners and tuning Club The BMW New Class (German: Neue Klasse) was a line of c...
BMW Neue Klasse - production 1962–1977 Owners and tuning Club

The BMW New Class (German: Neue Klasse) was a line of compact sedans and coupes produced by German automaker BMW between 1962 and 1977. The New Class ensured BMW's solvency after the company's financial crises of the 1950s and established the identity of BMW automobiles as sports sedans. The term New Class referred to the 1.5–2–liter class of automobiles from which BMW had been absent since World War II.

The New Class began in 1962 with the 1500, a new automobile with a new engine. The 1500, and all subsequent New Class cars, had a unit body, fully independent suspension with MacPherson struts in front and semi-trailing arms at the rear, front disc brakes, and a front-mounted four-cylinder M10 engine.

Initially a series of four-door sedans, the New Class line was broadened to include the 2000C and 2000CS two-door coupes at the high end in 1965 and the 1600-2 two-door economy sedan at the low end in 1966. The 1600-2, later renamed the 1602, was itself expanded into the 02 Series 1600 and 2002. Using the engine and suspension of the original four-door design in a smaller and lighter two-door unit body, the 02 series, especially the 2002, caught auto enthusiasts' attention and established BMW as an international brand.

Replacement of the New Class line of cars began with the upscale 2000C and 2000CS coupes, which were replaced by the six-cylinder BMW E9 starting with the 2800CS in 1969. The New Class four-door sedans were replaced by the larger BMW 5 Series in 1972. The 02 Series was replaced by the BMW 3 Series in 1975, except for the economy 1502 model which continued until 1977.

The “New Class”: 1500 – 2000, 2000 Coupé.

These modern four-door midsize Saloons had 4-cylinder in-line engines featuring an overhead camshaft, McPherson spring strut front axle, semi-trailing arm rear axle and disc brakes at the front. The large model variety was due to different engines and power ratings.

NEUE KLASSE (1962-1977)

Arguably the single most important model in BMW’s storied 100- year history, the Neue Klasse sedan — made in various guises and sporting various displacements from 1962 through 1977 — came after the 700 saved the company. Rather than a rear-engined, aircooled economy car, the Neue Klasse ticked the boxes of what we think about a BMW sedan to this day: unitized body and chassis, front-engined, rear-wheel drive, MacPherson front struts, semitrailing arms in the rear, coil springs all around and disc brakes up front. It was a recipe for creating the sports sedan that could handle without beating up its passengers. Under the hood of every Neue Klasse, right up to the very end, was a version of BMW’s M10 OHC four-cylinder engine, a powerplant that motivated everything from the 2002 to the 320i and even spawned a Formula 1-winning derivative.

2002 – 02-Series (1967-1975)

If the Neue Klasse marked the invention of the sports sedan, the two-door 2002 (itself part of that New Class lineup) bridged the gap between such an animal and the dedicated sports car. Indeed, rivaling the outright speed around a road course that many contemporary sports cars could muster, the 2002 inspired a legion of sports car afi cionados to consider a BMW.

Writers waxed poetic, BMW’s sales— particularly in the USA — surged, and those in the know would flash their round headlamps at each other when passing. While not nearly as quick as the muscle cars of the day, a well-driven 2002 could be hustled around corners faster than any of them. With the sporty, fuel-injected 2002 Tii, BMW put even more hustle into its winning formula. With just over 400,000 made, many 2002s remain, continuing to be enjoyed on back roads and road courses alike by their drivers.

BMW 1500, 1962 – 64 4-cyl. ohc 1499 cc 59 kW (80 hp)
BMW 1800, 1963 – 68 4-cyl. ohc 1773 cc 66 kW (90 hp)
BMW 1800 TI, 1964 – 68 4-cyl. ohc 1773 cc 81 kW (110 hp)
BMW 2000, 1966 – 72 4-cyl. ohc 1990 cc 74 kW (100 hp)
BMW 2000 tii, 1970 – 71 4-cyl. ohc 1990 cc 96 kW (130 hp)
BMW 1600, 1964 – 66 4-cyl. ohc 1573 cc 61 kW (83 hp)
BMW 1800 CS, 1968 – 71 4-cyl. ohc 1766 cc 66 kW (90 hp)
BMW 1800 TI/SA, 1965 4-cyl. ohc 1773 cc 96 kW (130 hp)
BMW 2000 TI/tilux, 1966 – 71 4-cyl. ohc 1990 cc 88 kW (120 hp)

1962 – 1972
BMW 1500
BMW 1600
BMW 1800
BMW 1800 TI
BMW 1800 TI/SA
BMW 2000
BMW 2000 TI/tilux
BMW 2000 tii
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  •   Joe Breeze reacted to this post about 1 year ago
    Jay Leno uploaded a new video
    Recently I bought a home in Newport, Rhode Island. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in America as well as the home of some of America’s earliest motorists, none more prominent than Willie K Vanderbilt. He was not only one of the richest men in America, but also one of the automobile’s staunchest advocates. He used his great wealth to promote racing whenever he could. He even had his name on the first major open auto-racing event, the Vanderbilt Trophy.

    / #1976-BMW-2002 / #1976 / #BMW-2002 / #BMW

    In 1904, Willie K, in a Mercedes, set a World Land Speed record at Daytona Beach, Florida, of 92.30mph. He was often seen racing his Pierce-Arrow down Newport’s ritzy Bellevue Avenue. So it was fitting that a concours should be held in the grounds of his massive 70- room mansion, The Breakers. I’ve been attending automotive concours events for over 40 years, but I’ve never really had much input in putting one together until now.

    The man behind this undertaking is Nick Schorsch, owner of the Audrain Auto Museum in downtown Newport. Nick is one of the most committed enthusiasts I’ve ever met. How he convinced General Motors to release to his museum its rarest and most groundbreaking concept cars, such as the Buick Y-Job, the Firebird III and a handful of others for an exhibit called ‘Styling The Future’, I have no idea. My good friend and professional auto appraiser, Donald Osborne, and I were asked to lend our support. Donald works with me on my TV show, Jay Leno’s Garage. With the staff of the Audrain Museum we were able to secure 40 of the automotive world’s best judges from five different countries, along with 98 world-class automobiles from 1899 to 1970.

    Unlike a lot of concours events, the emphasis was not on technical restoration of the vehicles but on the story. The theme of our event was History, Luxury, Sport, so any vehicle that had all three could easily beat another which was missing one of them.

    I also thought we should trim down the number of awards. A lot of concours events have become like Little League, where every kid is a winner and everybody gets a trophy. And when sponsors get involved it can become mind-numbing. To keep the award presentations brief, second and third places were given to the owners on the field and only the class-winners drove up to the podium. For the record, the Best in Show went to Joseph and Margie Cassini for their 1927 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A S Roadster, commissioned by film star Rudolph Valentino.

    Of course Newport is a very high-end area with 30 or 40 mansions built at the turn of the last century, mansions no-one could afford to build today. Some remain, and Bugatti, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz were each able to rent one right on the water to show off their wares. The Bugatti one was like a French château. It all made for a good atmosphere for the event.

    My contribution, though, was more rooted in the hoi polloi. I worry a bit about the greying of our hobby and how millionaires end up competing against billionaires. Where, I often wonder, is the next generation of enthusiasts going to come from?

    So I came up with the idea of an event called ‘30 under 30’, for men and women 30 years of age or younger, who spend no more than $30,000 restoring their vehicles. The response was tremendous. We got MGAs, Corvairs, BMW 2002s, a Nissan GT-R, a Mercedes-Benz 300D, Chevy pick-up trucks… you name it. These young people all drove their cars to the event. Their enthusiasm was infectious.

    Quite a few of these young people brought their parents with them, as if to prove to them: ‘See, it’s not a complete waste of time.’ The winner, Carter Kramer with his 1976-BMW-2002 , damaged his car on the way to the show and had to repaint his front spoiler on the morning of the event.

    These young people all restored the cars themselves. One even cried because his car was being honoured on the same field as Bugattis and Ferraris. Normally the only time you see millionaires and billionaires crying on the concours field is when they lose.

    That’s how we can inspire the next generation of enthusiast: by making it about the blood, sweat and tears of our hobby. So if you’re an old guy like me, the next time you go to a car show find the youngest entrant there and give them the thumbs up. It might just save our hobby.

    Younger people embrace new technology like 3D printing, too. There are no more junkyards as cars get recycled but, with 3D printers, there is almost nothing you can’t make. Our hobby must evolve. I hope this event and the appeal to younger hobbyists will keep it going.

    1976 BMW 2002 - Jay Leno's Garage
    Marc Norris, the founder of the Bavarian Workshop, stops by the garage with a 1976 BMW 2002 that has been modified just enough for Jay's taste.
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  •   Antony Ingram reacted to this post about 1 year ago
    We are looking for the manufacturer of the rear wing off of Norbert Wimmer 2002? If someone could please share this information I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Paul Beard uploaded 9 photos in the album 1969 BMW 1602 Electric E10
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