Ferrari 488 Pista most potent Ferrari V8 ever

Ferrari’s latest Special Series car has been launched, boasting more power, less weight and race-derived aerodynamics Ferrari’s fourth ‘Special Series’ model, the 488 Pista, is claimed to be its most advanced and extreme yet. The 488 Pista is the latest in a line that started with the 360 Challenge and evolved through the 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale, designed to bring the essence of track driving to the road.


2019 Ferrari 488 Pista

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista

It uses the most powerful eight-cylinder engine Ferrari has ever built, plus enhanced transmission, better brakes, increased downforce, sharpened electronic control systems and less weight. Ferrari has borrowed extensively from its racing experience with the 488 GTE and 488 Challenge one-make series.

The main target centres on power-to-weight. The 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine boasts 720hp – 50hp more than the 488 GTB. It achieves this by using over 50 per cent new components compared to the 488 GTB’s. There’s a better air intake layout, a larger intercooler, inverted radiators, new valves and springs, harder cam profiles, stronger pistons and cylinder heads, Inconel exhaust manifolds, lighter crankshaft/flywheel and titanium conrods.

As for weight reduction, Ferrari has saved 90kg by using more carbonfibre in the chassis/body, including the bumpers and both front and rear bonnets (the latter a first for Ferrari). A significant new option for Ferrari is carbon wheels, which save 40 per cent in unsprung mass. The cabin is stripped out; it’s even possible to delete the infotainment system to save weight.

Acceleration from 0-62mph is 2.85 seconds but more impressively 124mph is reached in 7.6 seconds (a full 1.5sec faster than the 458 Speciale).

The 488 Pista’s control systems are also significantly sharpened. A new gearshift strategy in Race mode shortens shift times. Braking performance is boosted thanks to parts borrowed from the 488 Challenge racer.

A new Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE) forms part of the Sideslip Angle Control 6 system, giving the driver a more intuitive and immediate feel on the limit. Aerodynamic downforce is boosted thanks to upgrades sourced from the 488 GTE racer. The rear spoiler is larger, while the front ‘S-Duct’ increases downforce and its plunging shape is underlined by race-inspired stripes that swoop under the front bumper.

ENGINE:  3902cc V8 twin-turbo
POWER:  720hp at 8000rpm
TORQUE:     770Nm at 3000rpm
TRANSMISSION:  7-speed dual-clutch automatic
BRAKES: 398 x 223 x 38mm (front), 360 x 233 x 32mm (rear)
TYRES:  245/35 ZR20 (front), 305/30 ZR20 (rear)
DIMENSIONS: 4605mm (L), 1975mm (W), 1206mm  (H)
WEIGHT:  1280kg
CO2:  263g/km
MAX SPEED:  211mph
0-62MPH:  2.85sec
PRICE:  £252,695


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