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    PEUGEOT 205 TURBO 16
    Year of manufacture #1984
    Recorded mileage 9633km
    Asking price £75,000
    Vendor Mark Donaldson, Hartley Wintney,
    Hants; tel: 01252 845818; markdonaldson. com

    Price n/a
    Max power 197bhp
    Max torque 188lb ft
    0-60mph 6 secs
    Top speed 130mph
    Mpg n/a

    Despite its quasi-works rally-car looks, this is a standard model, one of the 200 built to homologate the T16 for international Group B rallying. This is chassis 126, and has been in an Italian collection for at least a decade, with English registration since #2001 , though its history is not known before that. It returned to the UK earlier in 2012.

    The car has covered few miles in recent times, with a lubrication sticker from Italy stamped at 8940km in 2001. Its tyres are almost-unworn Michelin TRXs, so probably the originals because the matching spare is unused. It has been repainted well from the factory metallic grey and has no dings but the front chassis rails have suffered slightly underneath from jacking. There are no leaks elsewhere, though the bottom of the powertrain is coated in a light oil mist and the exhaust looks in good shape. The oil is clean and to level and there’s one fastener missing from the engine cover in the rear deck. Inside, the dashboard is good, with a decent stereo, but, despite the
    car’s minimal mileage, its seat bases are slightly baggy. The windscreen was cracked but was due to be renewed.

    The engine fires instantly, and is civilised for a homologation special – the all-wheel-drive transmission is much quieter than you’d imagine.

    There’s 197bhp on tap from the 1775cc turbo twin-cam, but it lies high up the rev range. Combine that with a kerb weight of 1145kg, thanks to all of that transmission, and you need to keep the engine on the boil, with boost building from 4500rpm. Top speed isn’t much more than a 205GTI 1.9 can manage, but the acceleration is rather faster even with 250kg more to pull. The brakes are firm and smooth, with oil pressure at least 3bar, rising with any revs towards the 6bar end of the gauge, while coolant temperature stays below 90ºC. The 205’s MoT is current until 26 April.

    SUMMARY #Peugeot #205 Turbo 16

    Unscuffed and repainted well; u can’t tell that it was grey.

    Not the most durable, but it’s holding up surprisingly well.

    All feel strong and healthy.

    VALUE ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩
    For Low-mileage collector’s item.
    Against Garish (evocative) paint.

    If you’ve always wanted one that’s not black or silver, this is where the market is now – but it’s a different animal to a GTI on steroids.
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