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    BMW 1800 sedan NEW CLASS - OLD SCHOOL

    When Axel Mildenberger drives up in his posh 60s sedan, one sees at first only one thing: a neat vintage expresses. At second glance, the sports seats and wheels catch the eye. Although the "New Class" at that time already was considered sporty, that's really necessary? When step on the accelerator, the question answered quickly with a clear "Yes"! Because under the hood hides a contemporary tuned engine with decent oomph.

    It's like so often a reminder of the youth or childhood, which moves a to drive a particular car. When Axel Mildenberger it was the paternal BMW 1800. "A nice car. And who had reclining seats...! ", He goes into raptures. Reclining seats? Yes No, is clear. "No no! At something we have not thought of yet then. We had very different things on my mind "With the fresh cloth, Father's blessing and his mates went to the Nürburgring. Let rubber. And plenty of it. "My father has something afterwards repented - by Dunlop was not much left ..." says Axel and has to laugh heartily. This can probably be booked against early Driver's imprint, is now rallying his great passion. About ten years ago he discovered an advertisement, in Bonn (city) 80 kilometers away was a #BMW-1800-sedan for sale.

    1964 Year in Malmö. Only a meager 24,000 km mileage on the clock and thanks to the underbody protection and staying at substantially salt-free Sweden in a superb original condition. From a Volvo importer accidentally discovered wrapped and just arrived in Germany. Irresistible. "Give me a price that is fair for them and I can not turn down." Which was, Axel does not reveal, but the new class without discussion found a new owner. To the 10,000 Mark had to pay the early sixties for a new 1800s, similar, partially much higher sums in euros, are now proclaimed for Topzustände.

    The first joint trip homeward mastered sedan and pilot course not with flying colors, but with Panne. Somehow that belongs to and shared experiences weld together known. After 20 kilometers, made brief but unmistakable "crack" and the Westerwald held the gear stick in his hand. The problem itself was not as dramatic, the greater challenge to raise an appropriate screw into unknown realms just before closing.

    "After that, he has never let me down!", Says the 67-year-old proudly. "Well, not quite ..." There was still something. In the midst of a rally, the head gasket went into the happy hunting grounds. This can be repaired while, you may also leave if the workshop foreman one comes around the corner with such proposals: a 2-liter Alpina engine, upgraded with a sophisticated sharp 300-degree Schricknockenwelle. For Axel, concerns reported. The chassis of the self-supporting steel body is designed at the factory for 90bhp and top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. However, the appeal was stronger and when the initial "but" only once dispelled, found a solution for everything, or you like to take the little rat tail in purchasing. Weber carbs, electronic ignition, air filter from K & N and five-speed sports transmission with sintered clutch of Sachs. The chassis was equipped with sports shock absorbers from Bilstein for the more sporty driving pleasure and built internally ventilated disc brakes of a 2002 Turbo.

    Put to the test the car now comes to 144.3 horsepower. Road comparison has once dared spontaneously on the highway against a BMW 3 Series Axel. To the great surprise of the counterparty of small Bayer could to keep pace 190 good step. Thereafter, the rear is a bit slippery. Two hundred but would loose it, just wants to expect the retiree that his Oldie not necessarily him and escaped while a fervent "He goes like the pig!" Another highlight for him the flap exhaust system from H & B exhaust technology. On private roads, he leaves it so gladly rattle properly. Each tag is course and H-plates compliant!

    Thus, the car sounds not only good, but the original, brown cloth seats were related also feels so exchanged Recaro leather sports seats. Those who like so rapid rally gates drives like the Westerwald, who needs good lateral support and knows the mere presence of headrest appreciate. To make the whole story, a new rear bench has been based in matching leather. If you sometime feel the need to do everything to start, no problem: All original parts are carefully preserved. Also the steering wheel. The small sports car is now controlled by a sporty elegant mix of stainless steel and wood. A contemporary special edition with the signature of Hubert Hahne, who was beaten in 1966 first in a touring car, the magical 10-minute limit on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. Not with 1800, but in the BMW 2000 TI.

    The BMW chief designer Wilhelm Hofmeister was the design the Turin Design Legend Giovanni Michelotti in an advisory capacity, this sedan should be leading the way for subsequent generations of Bavarian Auto Group. Slim Wrap, narrow pillars and the delicate individual chrome struts of the radiator grille and double kidney shape the appearance of the "new class". The 1800 also got a circumferential chrome strip. 1965 200 units of the special model TI / SA (Turismo Internazionale / optional equipment) have been produced, available exclusively for licensed racers. The steel drop center rims of this model emphasize the sporty side of 1800s now Axels. Not only a gain in driving pleasure, and visually already receives almost delicate appearance significantly improved stability.

    Most expensive rims that he had ever bought, emphasizes Axel and given the fact that he calls his own a nice little collection of Fiat on Mercedes to Ferrari, will call something. Incidentally, all of which are red - just the little Bayer stands with his original paint in "Manila" forth. Incidentally: Axel's wife can not stand red - the pale yellow was playing with it easily even with her for favorites. The BMW enjoys at Milde Bergers just a special place. "This is my little treasure - the born I no longer 'here!" Does not have to be, too.

    Text: Hanna J. Lau
    Photos: courtesy of the owner
    made available

    Prices #BMW-1800
    Construction period from 1963 to 1968, 90 PS
    Condition 2 in EUR: 12.500
    State 4 in EUR: 3800

    BMW's chief designer Wilhelm Hofmeister was the design of the "new class", the Turin design legend Giovanni Michelotti advice.

    In free track the sedan surprised with almost 200 kilometers per hour top speed.

    Instead of the original 90-PSMaschine the modified #Alpina -heart beats now with 144bhp. Sports seats with headrest are a must for the avid rally driver Axel.

    Out of earshot of the highway code of the flap exhaust sound for violence makes.

    FEATURE FACTS #1964 #BMW 1800

    Engine: #M10 SOHC four-cylinder, 1,990 cc, 144bhp at 6,280rpm, Bore x Stroke in mm: 89 x 80, Schrick 300 ° camshaft, 2 x #Weber twin carburettors 40 DCOE, contactless ignition '123, #K&N air filter, #H&B Valves exhaust system.
    Transmission: five-speed sports transmission with Sachs sintered clutch.

    Chassis: Bilstein sports shock absorbers .
    Brakes: ventilated disc brakes from BMW 2002 Turbo.
    Wheels: original BMW 1800 TI / SA steel disc wheels in 6 x 14 inches, ET6.

    Tires: 185/70 R14 Dunlop SP Sport in
    Other: BMW-wood steering wheel special "Hubert Hahne"; Leather sports seats by Recaro; Color: Manila

    The rare-Hubert Hahnemann "Francorchamps" steering wheel exudes racing feeling. The steel wheels in size 6 x 14 "derived from motorsport Model 1800 TI / SA, the original wheels were only 4.5" wide. The simple label "1800" does not reveal what lurks ahead.

    The sports suspension ensures even with tangy cornering fun. After 20 kilometers, made brief but unmistakable "crack" and the Westerwald held the gear stick in his hand.
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    James Hickey
    James Hickey joined the group BMW Neue Klasse Club
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    James Hickey, Marlow #2007 #Audi-TT-2.0-TFSI-S-tronic #Audi-TT-8J

    My Series 2 #Audi-TT-2.0-TFSI S tronic is the first #Audi I have ever owned. Previously I’d had a Chrysler Crossfire 3.2 V6 for about four years, before I part-exchanged it for the #Audi-TT at Reading Audi in January 2008. I loved the Crossfire because of the looks it got wherever I went and the fact that it was built on the Mercedes SLK platform, but after 50,000 miles it had started to experience various mechanical problems and I decided to chop it in for something I felt would be a little bit more reliable…

    I bought the TT because I was specifically looking for a 2.0-litre turbo-engined car with a paddle-shift gearbox. All the reviews I’d read about the 2.0 TFSI engine were excellent, one even stating that ‘It was the best 2.0 turbo they had ever driven’. I actually jumped a 6-month waiting list at the Reading Audi dealership because they had the exact specification I was looking for on a TT sitting in a warehouse in London, still wrapped in plastic, and because I wasn’t ‘ordering from the catalogue’ and specifying various options, I could take delivery right away.

    Finished in Phantom black, the car had a full black Nappa leather interior, Bluetooth phone prep and the engine and gearbox spec I wanted, so it was really a no-brainer. If I’m telling the truth, I really wanted a 4-wheeldrive car, but when I was buying and in need of ditching the Crossfire, there was no quattro version of the 2.0 turbo TT available.

    I have now owned the car for exactly seven years and have covered about 64,000 miles and I have no regrets about buying and owning it for that time. The TT has been super-reliable and I’ve had no major issues with the car at all, which is what I would expect from owning an Audi. I love the build quality, the way it handles in the corners and the way it feels in terms of how it sits on the road. The #DSG gearbox is superb, the engine feels bulletproof and I find it a very dynamic car to drive.

    I have, however, had the common minor failures that most TT owners are familiar with, such as sticky/failed paddle-shift micro-switches, a broken parcel shelf bracket, seized bonnet releases, broken plastic bonnet release handles and, after 60,000 miles, my first electric window regulator failure. These are all minor issues, though, considering the overall hugely positive experience I’ve had of owning this car.

    A couple of years ago, I was trying to decide whether to buy a new car, or carry on driving the TT. I wasn’t keen on spending so much money on a new car, and I really didn’t want to ditch the TT, so I found a local independent James Hickey, Marlow 2007 TT 2.0 TFSI S tronic Audi/VW specialist called Mark at MDM Technik, who explained how I could improve the car. I decided to give the TT a ‘refresh’ and save myself the cost of a new car and so I embarked on the somewhat addictive process of modifying it. To begin with, I really just wanted to improve the engine performance but I’ve since opted to slowly create a road-legal trackday car instead, as and when time and money allow.

    So far, I’ve added a Milltek high-flow catback exhaust system with Milltek quad tailpipes, a Revo induction system and an Autotech highcapacity fuel pump. The engine mounts have been upgraded and I’ve since added a Forge intercooler, Forge silicone boost pipes, and a Forge recirculation/dump valve. I’m now up to Revo Stage 2+ and the increase in power and torque has been epic – it’s really like driving a new car and the modifications I’ve made have re-kindled my love for the TT! I’m still using the stock turbo and it amazes me how much additional boost can be gained from the original Audi components, just with some tuning.

    I’ve had no issues with the new tuned configuration either, it all just works perfectly and at a recent rolling-road test day at AmD Essex the power readings were pretty respectable at 270 bhp and 317 lb.ft. of torque.

    The fuel consumption is higher than it was, but I’m getting near 33 mpg during steady driving out on the motorway. Even if I hammer it, I’ll still get more than 20-25 mpg, which I’m very happy about. Considering I’m pushing so much power through the front wheels, I was worried about torque steer and whether the front diff could cope but I’ve had no issues on this front either, which is perhaps testament to the quality of the components and Audi’s engineering on the standard car.

    On the exterior, I added a body kit with Phantom black/Audi silver 2-tone paint job. I swapped the stock 18-inch Turbine alloys for 19-inch ZCW wheels wrapped in Falken FK452 tyres. I also plan to add some decals, but haven’t figured out how best to do that yet. The response I’ve had to the cosmetic changes has been mixed, to say the least, and it does divide opinion. A lot of people really like the look of the car, but I think the purists are up in arms! However, I’m in the process of creating something for the track and, as such, I’m not finished yet. Ultimately, it will look more like a track car than an original TT.

    I actually tracked the car for the first time at the 2014 Audi Driver International day at Castle Combe, as part of the dedicated TT Owners’ Club track session. The mods I’ve made held up beautifully, but it quickly became obvious where the weaknesses were. After coming off the track, my brakes were burning – smoke was actually pouring out of the front wheels! The track session had made it clear that the suspension and brakes badly needed upgrading, and so I’m in the process of sourcing a TT RS big-brake kit and Whiteline anti-roll bars to stiffen up the handling in the corners.

    I’d also like to add racing seats and harnesses, new adjustable dampers and possibly a racing differential, which will allow me to tighten everything up on the car. It should make a great trackday car when I’m finished, because the lack of quattro drivetrain reduces weight, it’s tight into and out of the corners and the S-tronic shift is very fast, meaning it drives like a race car. I also get a nice popping sound from the exhaust and a kick in the back when I change up, which is something that only happens since the engine mods have been made. I’d also like to do the European Cannonball Run in it when it’s finished, although I’m going to need a competent co-driver, who doesn’t mind driving long distances across Europe for a week and wants to party hard while doing so…

    ‘The track session had made it clear that the suspension and brakes badly needed upgrading...’
    ‘I decided to give the TT a ‘refresh’ and embarked on the somewhat addictive process of modifying it...’
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    James Hickey
    James Hickey joined the group Audi TT 8J 2nd generation
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