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Ads on test 1976 Citroën CX2000 Pallas - £15,000
Saturday, 22nd Feb 2020
It may be expensive for the breed, but this handsome French spaceship is in super rot-free condition, says Paul Hardiman.
Citroen CX-pansion
Saturday, 15th Jun 2019
James buys another example of the car that started it all
The Avant Garde Citroen CX
Tuesday, 11th Sep 2018
Few car makers are as distinctive and almost wilfully different as Citroën, which didn’t so much break the mould as cast a completely fresh one all for itself when it launched the ground-breaking Traction Avant in 1934. With front-wheel drive, indepe
Citroen CX GTi Turbo is due a comeback
Wednesday, 2nd May 2018
As Citroën looks to evoke its big saloons of old, it’s time to buy the glorious CX GTI Turbo, non? The hoarder Keith Adams ‘As a mile-eater that turns heads, it’s hard to beat’
Life Cycle of a 1979 Citroën CX GTi Series 1
Wednesday, 21st Feb 2018
Life Cycle The life story of a Citroën CX GTi This Citroën has hauled a family around, shared a garage with supercars, and gone from concours to barn find and back via some unusual twists of fate Words Sam Dawson. Photography Alex Tapley.