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  •   Michael Browing reacted to this post about 1 year ago

    Keith has resolved to make the most of the summer with his Citroen, but before he can do that he needs to retrieve if from Cumbria.


    Our tales from the driveway, garage and out on the open road
    OWNED SINCE March 2017
    TOTAL MILEAGE 94,020
    LATEST COSTS £40 (MoT and bits ‘n’ bobs)

    Keith Adams Contributor

    CAR #1979-Citroen-GS-Pallas / #1979 / #Citroen-GS-Pallas / #Citroen-GS / #Citroen / HLP 875V

    After a quiet winter and spring resting up in Cumbria, I decided it was time to ready the car for a summer of classic shows - and its first appearance at the Hagerty Insurance Festival of the Unexceptional. That’s easier said than done, when the car is at one end of the country, and you’re at the other - but in any opportunity for a long drive in one of my classics is an opportunity to be relished.

    I’d had the car MoT’d the week before by my classic-friendly tester (Mill Garage, Frizington) and it passed without advisories.

    My plan was simple - to get up before sunrise, jump into the GS, and drive it so I could then do a full day’s work. I would be helped by the fact the drive would be taking place on the summer solstice, and that a 260-mile commute from my home in West Cumbria to Peterborough in a #Citroen GS should be a joy from start to finish.

    At 4.30am I climbed in, belted up, turned the key, and psyched myself up for the drive south. A couple of minutes later, the first sliver of sun crested the horizon, I waved goodbye to the barn, and headed towards the A66. Settling into a 60mph cruise in the GS, what struck me is why on earth I don’t do this more often - getting up early to drive your favourite car on quiet roads is something every petrolhead should do on a regular basis.

    The roads were empty, and as the sun brightened, I got on with the business of enjoying myself. The GS was in its element - singing away at 4000-5000rpm, and wafting in a way that no car this small has any right to.

    The problem with this as a drive is that there’s no bad story to tell. GS and I managed to avoid the usual A1 traffic delays - and for once, Traffic England managed to keep all of it open. By the time I rolled into CCWs Peterborough office at 9am, I was fresh, happy, and ready for work. I’m not sure any other comparable 1970s saloon could have managed that feat as well. I love my GS, and in my ever-changing fleet, it feels like this one is the keeper.

    Downsides? None really, other than the fuel consumption, which averaged 25mpg. But it’s a small price to pay. It’s now at

    my place near work, sharing the drive with another Citroen - a gorgeous #Citroen-CX20-Pallas .

    Did we make it to the Hagerty Insurance Festival of The Unexceptional? Of course it did - and as I drove through the gates of Stowe School, I was honoured to be directed to display it right at the front of the pack.

    Even better news was that I met with Chris Salter, the guy I bought the GS from. I’d picked it up sight unseen, and even more unusually, I’d never met Chris face-to-face, concluding the deal via email. He was delighted to see his car again, his enthusiasm reinforcing what it is so magical about my GS... it’s going to be a great summer!

    Keith catches up with his Citroen's former keeper, Chris saiter.
    Ready for the longest commute Keith has done in a long time - he relished every moment.
    GS currently shares the same drive as a CX.
    Roads to himself (well, it is 6am...).

    'I love my GS, and in my ever-changing fleet, it feels like this one is the keeper'
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  •   Wilhelm Lutjeharms reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Keith Adams posted a new blog post in Citroen CX owners and fan Club
    Citroen CX GTi Turbo is due a comeback
    •   Cars
    •   Wednesday, 02 May 2018
    As Citroën looks to evoke its big saloons of old, it’s time to buy the glorious CX GTI Turbo, non? The hoarder Keith Adams ‘As a mile-eater that turns heads, it’s hard to beat’
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  •   Craft Zetner reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    ‘THE PERFECT MODERN CLASSIC FOR EVERYONE’ / #Mercedes-Benz-W124 / #Mercedes-Benz-230TE / #Mercedes-Benz-230TE-S124 / #Mercedes-Benz-S124 / #Mercedes-Benz

    Sounds like a high claim for a low powered estate, but the #Mercedes - Benz W124 230TE has a unique charm.

    While Modern Classics continues its love-in for anything made by AMG (the real AMG, not the trim-level AMG we have today), it's a fact that most enthusiasts are more than happy to take their Mercedes-Benzes in a more vanilla form. Take the W124 that Nathan grappled with on page 48. What that young lad really needs is a more sensible, classless, unadorned Benz. What we all need, in short, is a 230TE.

    Really? Yes. Think about it for a second. On the mean, moody and pockmarked streets of Britain, a stiffly-sprung saloon with more power than grip is not really what you need. Well, maybe it is, but in the interests of long-term happiness and sanity, think how much more pleasure you’re going to get from a 136bhp 230TE estate.

    I’ve owned a 230TE before. Its honesty and cheapness were an instant draw. As the miles piled up it really got under my skin, proving yet again the old adage that the best Mercedes-Benz is one that’s built to fulfil a duty, not to try and excite you. So, with that out of the way, here’s why the 230TE is great and why you won't regret buying one. For a start, they’re still cheap. While pretty much any 190 (W201) is starting to fly, four-cylinder W124s are still sensible money. Less than £3000 will get you behind the wheel of a solid, storied and well looked-after example of a 230TE that’ll double as a daily or show queen.

    Your chosen W124 will be satisfying to drive and to own. At speed, it will be refined. At idle, it will be near-silent. And as long as you avoid the manual gearbox, it will always make smooth progress. Inside, you will enjoy an interior from the best days of Mercedes-Benz build quality. It’s roomy in the rear, and most TEs have rearward-facing third-row seats. Who needs a boxy people carrier? Up front, you get an over-wide driver’s seat that’s springy and infinitely adjustable, and you sit behind a wheel that’s far too large. The steering is light and precise, and the brakes strong, progressive and modern. The visibility is fantastic and the boot is enormous.

    In short, it really is the perfect modern classic for everyone. Problems? There aren’t many. Despite being so well made, they’re prone to rust around the front wings, jacking points and foot wells. You’ll be lucky to find one with a cloth interior that doesn’t have holes worn into the driver’s seat. There’s also the spectre of electrical issues affecting the early facelift models – and that’s caused by the diabolical use of bio-degradable wiring looms. When they do go wrong, parts supply is plentiful, and everything is available off the shelf from Mercedes- Benz. Beware though: for some mundane Items Mercedes-Benz will charge like a wounded rhino, so do shop around.

    Would I buy one? Definitely. Would I recommend you get one? Absolutely. A 300TD might be more economical, but it costs so much more to buy that you’ll probably never recoup the additional outlay. Besides, who wants diesel these days? As for the six-cylinder 300TE – nice, but not that much quicker, and a whole lot less economical. For once, the sweet spot in the range would also appear to be the cheapest. For now.
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  •   Daniel 1982 reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    OUR DRIVES / Owning is an adventure – fixing them a journey / #2006 / #Citroen-C6-2.7-HDI-Exclusive / #Citroen-C6 / #Citroen /


    Gearbox and throttle response has been improved drastically since the remap – it feels sprightly and fun to drive now.

    Owning is an adventure – fixing them a journey Editor Keith Adams puts his money where his mouth is, and finally gets round to remapping his C6. And, boy, is he happy.

    DATE ACQUIRED May 2015
    MILEAGE 117,300
    OTHER MODERN CLASSICS Delta Integrale, Audi 90
    COSTS SINCE LAST ISSUE £360 – engine remap

    So far, so good. That's the best way of describing the past 11 months of ownership with my Citroën C6. My naysaying friends continue to call me brave, mad or stupid for running this magnificent French saloon – expecting it to be a reliability car crash.

    The reality has been different, of course. I've done 12,000 miles since I picked it up, and in that time, I've been impressed by its fundamental reliability and build quality. When it started bleating at me that its (amusingly named) 'FAP additive' needed replacing, I did start to worry.

    After posting something about 'bloody DPFs' on social media, my old banger rallying sparring partner Les Hedaux got in touch, telling me about his son Dan's business, which as well as servicing, restoring and overhauling classics old and modern has expanded into DPF solutions, and – magic word – engine remapping. Given I've been looking to unlock the potential of the C6's excellent twin-turbo V6, I agreed to take my car over to Dan for a session with his tuning equipment.

    Interestingly, the day before I was due to go and see him, I had a moment in the C6. When pulling on to the A1, I Put my foot down... and nothing happened. My initial thoughts after breathing a sigh of relief for avoiding being wiped out by 38-tonne DAF bearing down on me were that the car had switched to limp-home mode. The engine management light had been on for a while since the FAP warning first appeared, and it was an obvious conclusion to come to.

    When I rolled up to Dan's place near Spalding in Lincolnshire the following morning after a relaxing – slow – drive, I reported my findings, and asked what I could expect to gain from his remap. Before getting down to the business of remapping, Dan plugged in his diagnostic computer to see exactly what errors needed clearing. As expected, it required FAP additive (the magic juice that keeps the diesel particulate filter happy), and the DPF was getting blocked and the turbo actuator was kicking out a fault. Now here was it reporting that it was in limp-home mode.

    Dan put the car on the ramps, and had a look underneath – and much to my relief, an actuator rod had come of the turbo, meaning one of the pair wasn't spooling up. A new circlip was fitted, and al lwas good again. Replacing FAP additive cleared that fault (pricey but worth it for 30,000 miles-worth of fluid), and it was then down to the remap, which would also clear the emissions light showing on the dashboard.

    Dan uses Top-Gear Tuning engine maps, and the Bridport based company claims that a performance remap results in improved engine response and cleaner power delivery. I've long been an advocate of gentle remapping, having seen some excellent results on a number of my cars over the years.

    As it was, the remap for the C6 wasn't that straightforward. Dan couldn't upload a new engine map via the car's OBD port (the easiest and most conventional way of doing things), and instead worked with Top-Gear's roving engineer, Tony Drake, to talk to it using the ECU's interface port.

    Except the C6 doesn't have one built in, and it required soldering on a new one. Once that was done, it was a case of uploading the new map, resetting all the ECU errors, and giving the car a road test. After kicking my heels in Dan's workshop for a couple of hours while all of this work was done, it was lovely to run it out of the workshop and see how it all stacked up.

    / #Top-Gear-Tuning claims the power output jumps from 201bhp to 240bhp, with a rise in torque from 325lb ft to 372lb ft. Without the benefit of a rolling road, I'm yet to verify these figures but even on that very first drive out of the workshop, I could tell that the car was massively more responsive, with the power more easily accessed. I no longer have to mash the throttle to get moving with any sense of urgency, and the engine feels cleaner-revving and happier in the mid ranges. And yes, my finely-tuned bum dynamo says it's quicker.

    But what's even more impressive has unfolded in the 1500 miles since the remap. On the first long drive, the computer reported 40.4mpg. Given I'd struggled to beat 36mpg before, that's what I call good news. Since then, the average reported mpg has improved to 38mpg, but that's still way better than the 33.7mpg it was returning before.

    OK, this isn't the be-all and end-all, but you know what – it's a lovely side-benefit of a modification that's just made the C6wonderful to drive again, and reignite my love for it...

    Thanks to: Hedaux Motor / Company Limited (; 01775 422005, andTop-Gear
    Tuning (

    Gearbox and throttle response has been improved drastically since the remap – it feels sprightly and fun to drive now.

    Dan Hedaux sets about clearing the faults from the C6's ECU. As well as the emissions problem, there was a turbo boost issue, which required investigation. With the C6's ECU removed from the car, the only way to get Dan's #Top-Gear-Tuning-ECU map installed was to solder an interface port onto the printed circuit board.

    Twin-turbo #V6 is shared with the Jaguar XF. It's an absolute gem to drive behind, although in factory form it lacks punch – not helped by the C6's ample kerb weight.

    It was only when Dan looked underneath that he sussed out what the lack of boost was down to. A turbo actuator rod had dropped of – two seconds to reattach!
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    Keith Adams updated the cover photo for Citroen C6
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