End of the road for Rolls V8

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L-Series production to cease after six decades’ continuous service

The British-built, all-aluminium, 6.75-litre Rolls-Royce L-Series (L410) V8 is to be phased out after 60 years of continuous production – making it the longest-serving V8 in history.

EU7 emissions requirements have prompted Bentley, the only remaining user of the historic engine, to discontinue the V8 after the last of 30 Mulsanne 6.75 Edition models have been sold.

Bentley’s head of communications Mike Sayer said: ‘All our other models already have an appropriate engine. Our focus is now on developing hybrid powertrains alongside our existing W12 and 4.0-litre V8s as we concentrate on delivering hybrid powertrains across all Bentley model lines by 2023.’

The L-Series began life as a 6.2 in 1959, but emerged as a 6.75 nine years later. It was turbocharged for the first time in 1982, received changes to its firing order in 1987 and was heavily updated from 1998 when it powered the Bentley Arnage Red Label. Enthusiasts and specialists who support classics using the L-Series have acknowledged the engine’s time has come.

Daniel Moore, from Bentley and Rolls specialist Daniel Moore and Co, said: ‘It’s time to let the L-Series go. It’s done its bit – but with climate change issues, we need to look to the future.

‘People view V8s differently, now. I have Customers whose cars have been vandalised just because they were idling in the street. We have the skills to keep remaining V8s going forever. It’s not being replaced by a British V8, but Bentley is no longer a British company.’ More info: bentleymotors.com

 End of the road for Rolls V8
End of the road for Rolls V8


No light at the end of the tunnel for the L410. The engine as it appears in the Mulsanne.

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