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  •   Adam Towler reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    FUTURE #2018-Citroen-C4-Aircros / #Citroen-C4-Aircros / #Citroen-C4 / #Citroen / #EMP2 / #Citroen-EMP2
    Citroen riposte to the 3008 and Kadjar! #2018

    In the category of compact SUVs, the stars are Peugeot 3008 and Renault Kadjar. With its current C4 Aircross of original Mitsubishi, Citroën can not fight. But the brand wants to change the deal next year: its new model will be 100% home and will possess a strong personality.

    It's called Aircross. It is a concept car that Citroën presented at the Beijing 2015 Fair. With him, the chevron brand wanted to prove that the style initiated by the C4 Cactus could animate a more imposing vehicle. But the builder already had his idea in mind and knew that this study of style would inspire a new compact SUV. PSA management indicated a few weeks ago that the site of Rennes-La Janais in Ille-et-Vilaine would be responsible for hosting this new vehicle. This should be close, in terms of design, our illustrations.

    Exchange of good processes

    To create its compact crossover, the French manufacturer will benefit from the contribution of the new Peugeot 3008. In order to reduce research and development costs and streamline production, Citroën will take over the EMP2 technical base by making sure to inoculate it 'ADN: a comfort above the lot. The range of engines will also be resumed at 3008, including the future hybrid petrol engine. The latter will consist of a thermal block driving the front wheels and two electric motors (one on the front axle and the other on the rear axle), allowing a punctual transmission of an all-wheel drive.

    High-tech in abundance

    Thanks to this proven technical basis, engineers will be able to concentrate on the equipment devoted to this model. Driving aids are gaining ground, so the future C4 Aircross will equip itself with a large number of these devices. These will be borrowed from the Peugeot 3008, others will be unpublished. For example, the C4 Aircross will offer intelligent Grip Control, automatic emergency braking, unintentional line crossing warning, anti-somnolence device, road sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, Blind angle ... On the multimedia side, we will find a digital instrumentation for the driver and a large capacitive screen with 3D navigation. The C4 Aircross will also have a camera capable of recording everything that happens on the road. Like the new C3, which is already equipped, it will be located behind the windscreen. Finally, Citroën should inaugurate on its SUV integrated head restraint heads. A patented system for listening to music without disturbing other passengers.

    Family, I love you!

    With the C4 Cactus, the C3 Aircross (the replacement for the C3 Picasso, expected next year) and the C4 Aircross scheduled for 2018, Citroën will have a SUV-attractive range in the near future. Conserving the C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso monospace cars, the carmaker will offer a nice variety of family vehicles and compete more effectively with Peugeot and Renault, its main rivals in the French market.
    This model should have the Peugeot 3008 engines, including the rechargeable gasoline hybrid engine scheduled for 2019. Question look, the Citroën will play it very athletic, but also original with its big Airbump on the rocker pan.

    Inspired by the 2015 Aircross style study, the model series will arrive in 2018 and will display an imposing size for the category. A sturdy physique, accentuated by the very curved wings with prominent enlargers.

    The C4 Aircross will surpass its rivals by a dozen centimeters in length. It should also offer a more generous habitability thanks to an upper wheelbase (more than 10 cm).

    In short
    ■ PRESENTATION: Frankfurt Motor Show 2017
    ■ LAUNCH: February 2018
    ■ PRODUCTION: Rennes-La Janais (35)
    ■ DIMENSIONS (L x W x H, in m): 4.58 x 1.86 x 1.80
    ■ PETROL ENGINES: 130 and 165bhp DIN
    ■ DIESEL ENGINES: from 100 to 180bhp DIN
    ■ TARIFF: from 28000 € *
    Auto Estimate Plus
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    / #2018 #Citroen-C5-III RESISTANCE / #Citroen-C5 / #Citroen / #Citroen-C5-EMP2 / #Citroen-EMP2 /

    Despite the avalanche of SUV on the market, Citroën maintains the cap of the sedan, but not necessarily classic. Thus, the 3rd generation of C5 will play the card of the originality and comfort of living room. By Florian Chopin Illustrations Jean-François Hubert

    Who said the classic sedan was dead? Of course, SUVs dominate outrageously the sales and abound on our roads in all possible forms: family, compact, cut ... All segments of the market have paid the price, and to survive, it is necessary to adapt. This is the case for the so-called classic sedan. Some have chosen to cross it with the universe of coupes to give it dynamism. Others have chosen a more iconoclastic aesthetic path. This is the case of Citroën with its future C5. Indeed, the 3rd generation, which will arrive at the end of 2018, will have nothing to do with the previous versions.

    From classic tricorps saloon, the car will transform into elegant hatchbacks. Alexandre Malval, responsible for the style of the brand, had been clear on this point when we met him at the Paris Motor Show last October: "We want to connect with the heritage of Citroën, Sedan without a traditional trunk. "This C5 III will draw inspiration from its illustrious elders who, from the DS to the XM, have made the image of the family sedan with rafters.

    On the purely stylistic side, the CXperience concept, presented in Paris, will serve as a base with its generously rounded wings, its simple yet generous patterns, its soft and elegant lines and its technological look. Inside, the machine will benefit from a particularly careful treatment. The large chairs resembling contemporary design lounge chairs can accommodate headrests incorporating loudspeakers. On the colour and material side, the designers will offer a wide range of materials that are both innovative and warm.

    The technology will also be cited via large screens. The first will be tactile to control the info-entertainment. Let's bet that all the physical buttons will not have completely disappeared. The other screen will face the driver. It will be a 12.3-inch digital panel, incorporating Peugeot's i-cockpit technology. However, the animations and the presentation of the information will be different.

    The rear passengers will be at their ease. Resting on the longest wheelbase proposed by the EMP2 technical base (2.84 m), the C5 III will offer a nice space for the legs. As for the chest, if no one in the brand management speaks of a tailgate, the hatchback of the craft clearly implies this type of opening. Alexandre Malval did not tell us more, but he told us that Citroën will not make concession to the practical aspect. Moreover, the concave bezel is, according to the designers, not a brake to this type of opening. And the proposed cut on the CXperience concept (see page 16) gives part of the answer ...

    For the mechanical part, the technical basis #EMP2 will be used for the first time on this segment by Citroën. It will allow to contain the weight, but also to integrate electric modules to associate the gasoline engine with one or two electric motors (in the case of an integral version). For the most crescent versions, the cumulative power can reach 300 hp and the autonomy in all electric exceed 50 km. It should be noted that, in order to ensure good aerodynamic support, a wing could be deployed at a certain speed, as on the C6.

    The opinion of Florian Chopin Citroën has always marked its difference by an original style and a strong technical choice. The future C5 will check the first box. For the second, the EMP2 platform associated with the Advanced Comfort could make forget the hydropneumatic suspension.

    To give a more modern look, the door handles will be concealed and will retract at the slightest pressure.

    Citroën is expected to offer a version of nearly 300 hp by combining a petrol block with two electric motors, one of which will be located on the rear axle.

    Despite a reduced rear overhang, the trunk volume will be very correct and could offer an opening via a tailgate. The concave bezel is technically not disturbing.

    The C5 III will use the same wheelbase as that proposed by the C4 Grand Picasso. With 2.84 m, this is the longest available on the EMP2 platform.

    Beginning in 2019, the rechargeable hybrid system will reach 300bhp and will be combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission.


    Estimated price: from 27 000 €
    Marketing: 2018

    The Big Citroën sedans

    DS (1955-1975) Attraction of the 1955 Paris Salon, the DS is a UFO. Nearly 12,000 people will order on the first day of its presentation ... Citroën will sell about 1.5 million copies.

    CX (1974-1991) Car of the year 1975, the car leaves the factories of Aulnay-sous-Bois at the moment when Citroën is bought by Peugeot. It will sell nearly 1.2 million, including about 600 in the United States ...

    XM (1989-2000) Like its predecessor, the XM takes the title of car of the year (1990). But unlike the CX, it was able to have a V6 (PRV) up to 200 hp. It will run to almost 350,000 units.

    C5 (2001-2008 / 2008-2018) If the first version, hatchback, was recognized for its physical, the 2nd generation, with traditional trunk, was greeted for its elegant style. The latter will be manufactured and sold in China. In total, more than 1.3 million units were sold.

    C6 (2005-2012) Its style, with a short rear overhang and a concave rear window, is inspired by the concept car C6 Lignage, presented in 1999. A head-up display appears. It will only be produced at 23,400 units.
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  •   Nick Trott reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    CITROËN TWEAKS C4 PICASSO MASTERPIECE / #Citroen-C4-Picasso / #Citroen-Grand-C4-Picasso / #Citroen / #Citroen-C4 / #2016 / #PSA

    Diesel Car’s favourite medium #MPV has been revised for the summer, with a mild makeover to the styling and a technology upgrade. Whereas in the past the five-seat C4 Picasso featured a subtly different face to the seven-seat Grand C4 Picasso, both designs have been brought into harmony, featuring the same styling.

    At the front, both models adopt the face of the larger Grand C4 Picasso, with the chrome chevrons circling the daytime running lights. New front grilles are more prominent than before, with a gloss black registration plate holder in the middle and an air intake at the bottom. At the rear, all models come with 3D-effect rear lights, and the double chevrons are now black with a chrome surround. For the first time, this iteration of the five-seat C4 Picasso is offered with a two-tone paint scheme, with the roof in black, and the lower body offered in the full range of body colours, some of which are new, including Lazuli Blue, Soft Sand and Cumulus Grey. On the seven-seat Grand editions, there are new silver roof bars, and all versions feature a revised selection of alloy wheels.

    On the inside, there’s a choice of three new designs, named Wild Blue, Dune Beige and Hype Grey. The first is aimed at the younger market, with bright blue upholstery and chrome trim, the second places the emphasis on comfort, with massaging front seats, an electrically powered leg rest and either grey cloth seats or leather upholstery, while the last is aimed at the luxurious end of the market, with stylish slate grey leather upholstery, rear sunblinds and LED reading lights.

    New technology includes autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, a lane keeping assistant, driver drowsiness detection, as well as speed limit recognition. For the first time, the vehicle is available with #MirrorLink and #Apple-CarPlay , and is combined with an uprated seven-inch touchscreen that is faster to respond than before. A new 3D navigation system called #Citroën-Connect-Nav is offered alongside, using TomTom traffic to suggest alternative routes in the event of congestion.

    First arriving on the market in 2013, more than 300,000 examples of the C4 Picasso have been sold around the world. The latest car features a similar range of #BlueHDi engines to before, in a choice of 98, 118 and 148bhp guises. Out go the VTR, VTR+, Exclusive and Exclusive+ trim levels, in favour of Touch Edition, Feel and Flair, to fall in line with other models in the Citroën line-up. Prices are expected to remain roughly in line with the current model, with a modest uplift to reflect the extra kit. On sale during June, the first examples of the revised cars arrive in UK showrooms in September.
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  •   Nick Trott reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Featuring generous dimensions, the large sedan Citroen will change profoundly. Style redesigned "flush" handles, modern base and unprecedented suspension. If Hydractive is not renewed, the technological content will still be honoured. All new #2018 #Citroen-C5 / #Citroen-C6-II / #Citroen-C5-III / #Citroen / #Citroen-EMP2 / #EMP2 / #Citroen-C6 / #PSA / #2018-Citroen-C5


    After many uncertainties, replacing the Citroën spearhead is back on the agenda. This is expected in 2018. The current C5 would place a hatchback with a unique suspension. This time, more lizard, the C5 will be well replaced.

    Because the chevrons brand needs a spearhead for France and especially for the Chinese market (also referred to there even a large sedan, which would incorporate the C6 name badge). Like the current C5, launched in 2008, was well-differentiated Citroën family that preceded it, the next generation should, too, mark a break. The manufacturer will thus equip its future flagship of a less consensual Online: bye-bye style modelled on Audi. The model will retain profile three volumes, but it will be more dynamic in order to give an impression of four-door coupe.

    And surprisingly, this large sedan 4,90m long, which also exist in the break, could find a tailgate (left on the current). A real plus when it comes to daily load the trunk. In addition, the C5 will be distinguished above all by its light signature, original and consistent with the latest creations home.

    The car will also show up inside dimensions, wanting his Citroën C5 continues to be characterized by comfort above the lot. Incidentally, it is now established that the hydropneumatic suspension is abandoned, Linda Jackson, president of Citroën, said the brand was working on a novel suspension as efficient as could be Hydractive and less costly to produce . To learn more, it will be a future concept car using it. As this suspension that we imagine adaptive, it's a safe bet that other elements related to driving may be set (management, mechanical character ...) as the future rival.

    C5, Renault Talisman. Citroën also will focus on multimedia, with many screens (drawing for this last concept car Aircross), dedicated to the instrumentation for the driver and the internet or video playback for all passengers vehicle. PSA is working right now on the interface of these systems to make them more intuitive and easier to use. The equipment will also show up to this self who wants to upscale. It will include aid to driving applications (ant somnolence, reading signs, Park Assist ...), but also elements of comfort (air-con three-zone, massage chairs ...). Enough to meet the tastes and expectations.

    The hybrid is gaining ground Taking the modular platform EMP2, C5 should see its weight reduced a hundred kilos. This will allow improved performance and a significant reduction in consumption. Good for this sedan, which will just reasonable powers of blocks (120 to 200 hp petrol and 100-180 hp diesel). A rechargeable hybrid gasoline could also be available to enhance the technological appeal of the car.

    Many drive and a hatchback: the C5 cut will give false airs while becoming more practical.

    Rival of C5

    They said the obsolete, victims of the success of minivans and SUVs. Yet large sedans resume the bull by the horns and developments in this crowded segment. Thus, after the Renault Talisman and Volswagen Passat in 2015, this year will celebrate the return of Alfa Romeo in the category with the Giulia, the renewal of the Opel Insignia towards the end of the year...

    If the all new 2018 Citroen C5 will especially to fight against the French stars of the category, it also plans to make a beautiful place on the European market. For this, it should be a little more upscale, treat her presentation, strengthen its ride comfort and increase the high-tech equipment...

    PEUGEOT 508 "2" // END 2017

    Displaying a lot of pace and an air of five-door coupe, the future 508 will also exist in a wagon version racy.

    New star du Losange, Talisman goes against the grain of the next C5 replacing tailgate by a bootlid.


    One of the leading figures of the European market is called Passat. The Citroën C5 should be inspired in quality materials and trim level.
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    Citroen Group Page
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