Do Cabriolet and Targa prices tail off in winter?

Do Cabriolet and Targa prices tail off in winter?

We’re back to myth-busting again this issue as we address another oft-muttered assumption within our Porsche marketplace: that prices of Cabriolets and Targas change according to the season. So can their values really spike in spring and fall in autumn, for want of a better phrase?

Karl Meyer, owner of Porsche buying specialists 2911, believes the idea that an open-topped Porsche will be cheaper to buy in the colder months is “pure fiction”. He told us: “Porsche as a brand isn’t seasonal. There’s no doubt that sports cars in general in the main dealer network come off sale slightly from September, with the bulk of sales at OPCs moving more towards 4x4s. Dealers want to limit stock holding on sports cars at this time, but the Cabriolet and Targa aren’t treated separately to a Coupe in this regard – the 911 and all its iterations are treated the same as Porsche’s other sports cars in the Cayman and Boxster. It’s therefore extremely unlikely someone will nick a 992 C2S Cabriolet off a dealer simply because the summer is over.”

Karl’s offerings into the operations of the dealer network are insightful for us mere mortals on the outside, but what about the classic market? Jamie Tyler at Paragon Porsche can draw on more than 25 years of experience in the marketplace when delivering his verdict: “Prices don’t really change depending on the season. There are many factors in play which dictate prices, and these market conditions are in place all year round. What’s more, 911 owners tend to be astute buyers – they don’t get to the first morning of spring before deciding they might like an opentopped car, which would push prices up under the laws of supply and demand. You might get one or two cars offered on the cheap heading into winter, but don’t be tempted. They will likely be hiding big bills – particularly if it’s a classic, where structural repairs aren’t uncommon.” It seems our experts are unanimous in their verdicts that no matter if it’s a new or classic Cabriolet or Targa, their prices won’t fluctuate according to the seasons. It just goes to show that any time is indeed a good time to buy a 911.

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