Wiesmann rides again with new sports car

Niche German manufacturer Wiesmann has revealed it is to launch a new car in 2020. Codenamed Project Gecko and three years in the planning, the sports car will be engineered and built at the original Wiesmann factory in Dülmen, Germany. The layout will be front/mid-engined, with rear-wheel drive and a claimed 50:50 weight distribution, while power will come from a turbocharged BMW M V8 petrol engine.

The car has been masterminded by Wiesmann owner Roheen Berry. He has worked with his brother Sahir on the project, just as brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann teamed up on the original car, also BMW-powered, in 1988. Berry said: ‘This last true independent manufacturer of German sports cars is back and has an exciting future to look forward to. When we set out on this journey we said we wanted to re-engineer an icon, and we are on track to do exactly that.’

Wiesmann Gecko

Wiesmann Gecko

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