DBX Expands Aston’s Horizons

Aston Martin DBX Concept

If Aston Martin is to survive – sales halved to 4000-odd in 2014 – it needs to secure a bigger customer base, and new products like the Aston Martin DBX Concept suggest the company is fully aware of this. The DBX Concept, described as a sport crossover, paves the way for a new type of product for the brand. It was created “to explore possibilities in the luxury GT segment” and obviously to pique the interest of a much larger global audience.

Aston Martin chief executive, Andy Palmer, said the DBX Concept does not yet have a green light for production but hinted that something like it will get the go-ahead in the not-too-distant future. He was possibly referring to the electric motors being replaced by one that burns hydrocarbons. This was a what-if design exercise, after all.

The DBX concept incorporates style, luxury, and practicality in an environmentally responsible setting. Design work was conducted by Marek Reichman, and the result is an evolution of the company’s existing design language. The concept featured electric motors driving all four wheels, powered by lithium sulphur cells. Electric steering was a by-wire affair. Though only a two-door offering, the high-rider had seats for four. External features included a coupe-style plunging roofline, LED headlights, carbon ceramic brakes and an energy recovery system. External mirrors were replaced by rear view cameras.

The four-seater offered generous luggage capacity by virtue of the fact that its rear trunk was complemented by a forward load bay. Other forward-thinking technology included auto-dimming strengthened glass, upholstery in Nubuck leather (velvet-like texture), and front passenger head-up displays. Palmer said a vehicle such as the DBX Concept will broaden the appeal of Aston Martin to an entirely new group of customers, and will also fit in tidily with the rest of the range.

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