Cossie Designer’s Car up for sale

Ford Escort Cosworth with unusual owner provenance is up for grabs.

Ford Escort Cosworth to be sold by Silverstone Auctions on 9-11 November comes with unusual provenance – it was the daily-driver for one of its designers for four years. Stephen Harper created and helped to engineer the Escort Cosworth’s outline and double-deck spoiler in the late 1980s. He sold it in September 2015, but its current owner, Andrew Ward, is looking to sell. Stephen said: ‘Andrew asked if it was okay for him to sell it, and whether I might want it back. Unfortunately, I’m in no position to have it back.’

Stephen bought the Cosworth new in 1996. He said: ‘It was a case of “run what you drew”, so I had to have one.’

He wasn’t entitled to a discount, but got one via his brother-in-law, who worked for Ford at the time. He went on to use it as his everyday transport for four years, before retiring it to his garage as a weekend fun car. The decision to sell came when the local Region of the RS Owners’ Club spotted the car parked up during a rare exercise session. Stephen said: ‘No-one knew who it belonged to. A buzz erupted when they found out and I was invited top resent talks about the Escort Cosworth. Several people asked if I ever wanted to sell.’

Stephen said that the decision to move the car on was difficult, but several factors changed his mind: ‘I had a son coming of driving age, and I was concerned that if he’d got behind the wheel he’d wrap it around a tree. Plus, it rather brought out the hooligan in me whenever I managed to drive it!’ He said: ‘I’m happy to get in touch with the new owner to provide sketches and items. Silverstone Auctions has estimated the 80,000-mile car at £30k-£35k.


Used 1995 Ford Escort Cosworth RS

Used 1995 Ford Escort Cosworth RSEscort Cosworth belonged to one of the car’s designers. Can you tell what it is yet? Original Cossie sketch.

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