Clever jump pack Jaguar i-Clever

Just like the E-Type Zero, jump packs are also making use of lithium-ion battery technology, so this small device is easily capable of starting even a V12 Jaguar that has suffered a flat battery.


Small enough to fit in your backpack, the i-Clever can manage a meaty 800 amps of peak cranking power, and we’ve tested it on a range of vehicles, including modern turbo diesels. The capacity is sufficient to start several vehicles, and it can also be used to charge your phone – not all classics have a suitable 12v power outlet for charging today’s technology. Even better, it comes with a 12v power socket itself, so you can run all manner of electrical devices such as phone chargers, sat navs an even 12v cooling boxes without having to install a 12v power outlet in your classic.

i-Clever can manage a meaty 800 amps

i-Clever can manage a meaty 800 amps

The unit also has a torch built in, which we can confirm is very bright. The 20000mAh capacity means that it can keep items going for quite some time too, and the unit takes just 2.5hrs to fully recharge. Search online for a good retailer, and expect to pay around £75.

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