BMW’s stunning M6 GT3 race car

BMW’s stunning M6 GT3 race car

From the end of 2015, customers will be able to buy BMW’s latest track weapon, its M6 GT3, which will replace the aging Z4 GT3 that has been at the forefront of its customer racing program since 2010. You might think that basing the new race car on something as big as the M6 is a little perverse but as BMW has a policy of only using a car in one race series it couldn’t use the M4 as the basis for the new GT3 machine as the M4 is already its machine of choice in the DTM.

The heart of the BMW M6 GT3 is the 4395cc M Twin Power Turbo V8 from the production model and this unit has been modified specifically for racing while the chassis is being fettled for the specific demands of the race track in the BMW Motorsport workshops in Munich. The M6 GT3 will feature all the latest race technology such as racing gearbox, racing ABS and racing electronics.

BMW’s stunning M6 GT3 race car

 “For me, as BMW Motorsport Director, there are few things more exciting than the development of a completely new car like the BMW M6 GT3,” said Jens Marquardt. “The BMW Z4 GT3 has enjoyed success around the world in recent years, and is very popular among our customers. We obviously want to follow on from this success with the BMW M6 GT3. After all, the target we have set ourselves is to provide our customers with the best possible material. We also want to demonstrate the high product substance of BMW M cars in motorsport with the BMW M6 GT3. We are all very excited to see it in action at the initial tests. One thing is certain from the first design sketches: this car is going to have the wow factor. It goes without saying that we will continue to offer BMW Z4 GT3 customers our full support, just as they have come to expect from us.” 

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