BMW’s revised 2019 7 Series G11/G12 is armed to the grille… er

Stairway to 7 – BMW’s revised 7 Series G11/G12 is armed to the grille… er teeth with a raft full of advanced tech.

BMW have updated their flagship G11/G12 7-Series, cramming it with cutting-edge tech, new petrol and hybrid powertrains, and the latest semiautonomous capabilities. But chances are it’s the in-your-face styling that will first grab your attention.

BMW 750Li xDrive G12

BMW 750Li xDrive G12

In an effort to make the 7 Series more assertive, as well as to further align it with the new design language as seen on the G07 X7 mega-SUV, BMW has grafted on a new interpretation of the iconic ‘kidney grille’, but on a scale never seen before on a BMW saloon. Other design changes are more subtle, including slimmer headlights, now incorporating optional laser-powered high-beams, revised lower bumpers and new rear lighting, complete with the predictable light bar, but it’s that grille that seems to be attracting everyone’s attention.

The new 7 Series’ changes are more than skin deep, with a plethora of new and heavily revised powertrains, ranging from the entry-level 730d right up to the flagship 577bhp 2019 BMW M760iL G12 twin-turbocharged V12 engine that will hit 100kmph in just 3.8sec. While the 730d and 740d remain unchanged, at the other end of the diesel spectrum is the quad-turbo 3-litre straight-six borrowed out of the X5 M50d G05 and pumping out 395bhp with 759Nm of torque.

Most models are fitted as standard with all-wheel drive (optional on 2019 BMW 730d G11 and BMW 745e G11 models) while Active Integral Steering (rear-wheel steering) is also available along with Active Roll Stabilisation borrowed from the new X5 G05 and X7 G07. Two-chamber air-suspension is standard across the range, while a camera-based anticipatory chassis control system reads the road ahead to prepare the suspension for any bumps, potholes or expansion joints on the road ahead.

The BMW 7 Series G11/G12 cabin has not changed markedly in design, save for some more sumptuous materials in an effort to match the W222 S-Class’ interior ambience. With the same architecture that is seen in the older BMW models such as the 5 and 6 Series’, it does already look a step ahead of top rivals. The technology hasn’t stood still though with the 7 Series now incorporating the latest version of the BMW operating system, as seen on other new BMW models like the X5 G05 and 8 Series G15/G14. Of course, being a German flagship saloon, this is only the tip of the technological iceberg that imbues the 7 Series with enough technology acronyms to fill a phone book. The new 7 Series will make its way to India towards the latter half of 2019, capping BMW’s Indian model offensive that has already begun with the locally-assembled X4 SUV.

Top: Cannot do without a light bar anymore. Above: Traditional BMW architecture is retained but materials are more sumptuous.

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