All new 2019 BMW X5 G05 on sale from this month

The all-new 2019 BMW X5 G05 goes on sale in the UK from June 2018. A choice of TwinPower and M Performance petrol and diesel engines are matched to a new eight-speed Steptronic gearbox and the latest version of xDrive. BMW says that with a wheelbase 42mm longer than its predecessor, an increase in vehicle length of 36mm, an extra 66mm of width and a 19mm increase in height, the new X5 has both an imposing appearance and generous levels of space for passengers and their luggage.

The 2019 BMW X5 G05-series comes as standard with 19-inch light-alloy wheels on the xLine model, 20-inch M star-spoke light-alloy wheels on the M Sport model and 22-inch V-spoke alloy wheels on the M Performance model. Further variants in 20 to 22-inch formats are available as options.

There will be one petrol and two diesel units available from the latest generation of engines. The BMW X5 M50d G05 is powered by a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with a quartet of turbochargers, with a six-cylinder inline unit in the BMW X5 xDrive40i G05 and BMW X5 xDrive30d G05. All engines channel their power through an eight-speed Steptronic transmission.

2019 BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport G05

2019 BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport G05

The BMW TwinPower Turbo technology package for the petrol engines comprises turbochargers, High Precision Injection, VALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing. On the diesel side, the technological measures at work include turbochargers and common-rail direct injection with piezo injectors. All model variants comply with the requirements of the EU6d-TEMP emissions standard. The system of emission control for the petrol engines includes a gasoline particulate filter, while the diesel models boast BMW BluePerformance technology comprising a particulate filter, an oxidation catalyst, a NOx adsorption catalyst and an SCR catalyst with AdBlue injection.

The performance of the new BMW X5 M50d is provided by the potent engine at work under its bonnet. From its 3.0-litre displacement the BMW M Performance model’s six-cylinder in-line unit delivers a peak output of 395 bhp and generates maximum torque of 561 ft lb.

These figures are possible thanks to a multi-stage turbocharging system composed of two high-pressure and two low-pressure turbochargers. In normal driving situations, both low-pressure turbochargers and one of the two high-pressure units are permanently active. The second high-pressure turbocharger only joins in when the engine speed tops 2,500rpm. Under hard acceleration from idle, flaps are adjusted so the pair of low-pressure turbochargers can be swiftly bypassed, thereby generating maximum charge pressure with even less delay. To boost the turbocharging system’s efficiency, exhaust gas recirculation is employed for both the high-pressure and low-pressure stages and the common-rail direct injection system capable of generating pressures in excess of 2,500 bar. The new BMW X5 M50d darts to 62mph from rest in 5.2 seconds and succeeds in posting a combined fuel consumption of 41.5mpg and CO2emissions of 179g/km.

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The new BMW X5 xDrive30d is also powered by a straight-six diesel engine, this time with displacement of 3.0 litres and featuring a single turbocharger with variable inlet geometry. The common-rail direct injection system propels fuel into the combustion chambers at up to 2,500 bar. Maximum output of 261 bhp, while offering 457 ft lb of torque. Capable of reaching the 62mph mark from rest in 6.5 seconds, the new X5 xDrive30d returns combined fuel consumption of just 470mpg, equating to CO2 emissions of 158g/km.

All of the engines available for the new BMW X5 come with a new, improved version of the eight-speed Steptronic transmission, whose wider ratio spread and new control electronics help to increase the powertrain’s overall efficiency. New torsion dampers reduce rotational irregularities and converter slip for superior shift comfort, while optimised hydraulic control enables even sportier gear shifts.

The new xDrive system also offers a rear-biased set-up for those occasions when the driver adopts a particularly dynamic approach. The electronically controlled rear differential lock (available on M Performance models and/or in conjunction with the Off-Road package) gives the handling a sportier edge. Governed by the Driving Stability Control (DSC) system, the locking function for the rear differential improves traction and power transmission when driving over loose ground or on road surfaces offering differing levels of grip for the left-rear and right-rear wheels.

The two-axle air suspension system is standard on both the BMW X5 xDrive30d G05 and X5 xDrive40i G05 models. It is controlled individually for each wheel using an electrically driven compressor with pressure reservoir, enabling it to balance out an unevenly loaded vehicle. Working in tandem with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, the vehicle load registered by its sensors can be factored into braking calculations. When the SPORT driving mode is engaged or the vehicle’s speed exceeds 86mph the ride height is automatically lowered by 20mm. The driver can also adjust the body’s ground clearance for off-road driving, for example by pushing a button in the cockpit. It can be raised in two stages to a maximum of 40mm above the standard setting. Another button in the luggage compartment activates a loading mode that lowers the vehicle by 40mm. The desired vehicle ride height can even be set with the engine switched off and the optional BMW Display Key can also be used to access this function.

Customers can also specify an Off-Road package. Offered for the first time in a BMW X model, the package includes underguard elements at the front and rear of the vehicle, along with the two-axle air suspension and electronically controlled rear differential lock. The driver can activate the ideal settings for off-roading including the vehicle’s ride height, the xDrive system, the accelerator response, the transmission control, and the DSC system’s corrective inputs in preparation for driving on a range of surfaces, such as sand, rock, gravel or snow. Available for all model variants apart from the 2019 BMW X5 M50d G05.

2019 BMW X5 xDrive 30d xLine G05 – road test


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