What Happens if You’re in an Accident in a Company Car?

Accident in a Company Car

When driving a company car, you don’t receive the same coverage that you would under a typical car insurance company. That’s because you are covered through the company’s insurance policy, regardless of whether you are at fault or not.

The company you work for will typically include you in their insurance policy as an employee of their organization as long as you remain employed with them. The first place you should go after you’ve been in a company car accident is your human resources division or supervisor.

Once you speak to them, they can provide direction on the next steps after the company car accident. Attorneys can also provide helpful information regarding your case, so you can ask them questions as well.

In Most Cases, The Company Has You Covered

Regardless of whether you were or weren’t at fault, you can receive coverage through your employer. Under their insurance policy, they can cover your damages and the other party’s damages so that you aren’t responsible for any out-of-pocket fees.

What If You’re At Fault?

When you are at fault, it is unlikely that you will have to pay for the car accident. This is according to the following concepts:

Negligent Entrustment

This refers to the entrustor, aka your employer, who must be held liable for any negligence you caused. If you caused an accident while on duty for the company, it is the entrustor’s fault. They must provide compensation for the damages according to this law.

Negligent Supervision

Your employer has a legal responsibility to supervise you, and when they fail to do that, the law considers it to be their fault. Although a company car accident may be your fault, it is your employer who will have to pay the bills after a car collision.

Negligent Hiring Theory of Recovery

Under the negligent hiring theory of recovery, your employer can be held liable for any harm its employees cause to others. The employer should be aware of its employees’ potential to harm others with a vehicle. It is assumed that this risk is known either through experience or a reasonable investigation.

What If You’re Partially At Fault?

If you’re partially at fault, your employer may seek damages from the other party to recover the cost of the property and bodily damage the other party caused. This is based on your percentage of fault; your employer would receive the percentage of damages caused by the other party.

What If I’m Heavily Injured?

You can receive compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and even property damage. You can seek a settlement when the amount of damages far exceeds what your employer can provide. Your car accident lawyer can investigate your claim and let you know how much you are owed in compensation after reviewing the details of how the accident occurred.

How Do Car Accident Attorneys Prove Fault?

Car accident lawyers use a variety of methods to prove who can or can’t be held liable for damages. They will find out from the police report how the accident occurred and learn both sides of the story. Your attorney can also subpoena the other party to find out additional information, for example, any drug tests they took, texting history during the time of the accident, and more. They may request traffic camera footage and work with other experts to learn more about your car accident claim.

Why Work With Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident lawyers – Roberts | Jeandron Law can help make your experience far less difficult by providing the guidance you need. This can make your recovery phase much easier and make the settlement claim process more efficient. They can accurately review all of your damages and let you know how much you are owed. You can receive the maximum amount of damages instead of receiving a smaller lump sum. The other party may try to get you to settle for a far less amount than your damages are worth. Speak to your car accident lawyer first so you get the full picture.

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