Accident With A Classic Car – Does Insurance Truly Account For Its Value

Classic car

Being involved in an accident can be a bummer, especially when your fender-bender involves your beautiful classic car. A classic car accident requires more attention to detail, and you must be prepared for this before you file a collector car insurance claim.

Classic car insurers put a price on the value of your car or accident. The question that remains is, is it ever enough? Can they account for all of the work and effort that went into your beloved vehicle?

Protecting your rights is essential when involved in a classic car accident, and car accident attorneys can offer assistance. Agruss Law Firm may be able to help protect your classic car investment. Read on for more steps to follow after an accident involving your classic car.

Steps To Follow After A Classic Car Accident

Remaining calm after a classic car accident is much easier said than done. However, cooler heads prevail post-incident. Make a call to emergency services right away if there are any injuries to yourself, your passengers, or anyone else involved.

If you smell gas or see fire around the vehicle, clear everyone away from the area if possible. It’s a good first aid practice to never move an injured person unless absolutely necessary.

Unless your vehicle is in a dangerous position, do not move it. It may be essential to know the exact location of each vehicle involved. Turn on your hazard lights and use reflective cones or triangles to signal other drivers of the accident. These steps can protect yourself and your claim.

Be Aware of What You Say

Insurance companies may misconstrue what you say and do after an accident to deny your future claims. It’s important you avoid admitting responsibility for the accident. Don’t assume responsibility or liability without speaking with your insurance provider and a professional attorney first. Swap driving information with the other drivers involved, but save your side of the story for the police and your legal team.

Contact the police so that they can make a police report with details of your accident. Police reports record the date, time, and location of the accident, the direction the vehicles were traveling, and the various points of contact. These details will be important for settling, negotiating, and trying your classic auto accident case.

When speaking to the police, give them the details of the accident as you remember, but you don’t have to share this information with other drivers. Request the officer’s business card, phone number, or badge number so you can contact them later for the police report.

Classic Car Accidents

Vintage car crashes tend to cost more than traditional ones. Since vintage vehicles are constructed with parts that are difficult to find and often impossible to replace, these accidents can take a bigger financial toll.

Contacting your auto insurance company is only the beginning of the recovery process. There are many actions you can take to protect your claim, and an auto accident attorney can assist.

A personal injury lawyer will emphasize the importance of documenting repairs. Never start any repairs on your classic car until an appraiser has inspected the damage. Since it may take weeks or months to complete all repairs, it’s better to get started as soon as possible. Contacting a personal injury attorney can get the ball rolling so that your classic car gets up and running quickly.

Seek A Qualified Classic Car Repair Specialist

Finding a classic car specialty mechanic following a classic car accident can ensure that you recover the compensation necessary to restore your vehicle. Reputable vintage car technicians know what to look for after a classic car accident and can spot the signs of hidden structural damage. Seeking out the assistance of a specialized classic car repair shop can be cost-effective and save you time and effort.

The steps you take after your classic car accident will affect your claim and your ability to recover damages. That’s why you should only deal with reputable repairmen, insurers, and legal teams.

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