2019 The Benelli 502S

BENELLI IS ADDING a larger 500cc variant to its new mini power cruiser range. The 502S is set to join the existing 402S, with both bikes hopefully headed to Australian shores next year, giving good options in the middleweight market segment.

2019 The Benelli 502S


2019 The Benelli 502S

The 402S was one of a surprisingly large number of new Benelli models debuted at Italy’s EICMA show last year, using a 399cc, 29kW version of its existing parallel-twin engine. Since Benelli already uses a 500cc, 35kW version of the motor in bikes such as the TRK 502 and the Leoncino 502, it is a logical step to slot the more powerful engine into the 402S’s chassis.

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