2018 Kawasaki Ninja Z400

KAWASAKI IS PLANNING a naked Z400, based on the Ninja 400 platform. It has already confirmed it is developing an entry level Z125 and Ninja 125 for 2019, so the Z400 completes a range of faired Ninja and naked Z Kawasakis in 125cc, 250cc, 400cc, 650cc and 1000cc form next year.

2018 kawasaki ninja z400


Kawasaki’s new naked Z400 will have the same power and weight as the faired Z400

Emissions documents filed with the California Air Resources Board indicate it will weigh about the same as the current Ninja 400’s 168kg, ready-to-ride. It will also use the same engine, which produces 33.4kW at 10,000rpm.

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