2019 EQC revealed – first car from Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric division production ready version

The first product from Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric division is out. Dubbed the EQC, the new SUV is Mercedes’s first purely electric vehicle,. The EQC will make its market debut in 2019. Unlike its conventional internal- combustion-engine-powered siblings, the EQC is based on an all-new scalable platform that’s specifically developed for Mercedes’s all-electric EQ range of vehicles. Having said that, the platform also shares some elements from Mercedes’s MRA platform, and as a result, the EQC shares a few similarities with the GLC like the wheelbase.

The EQC is an all-wheel-drive electric SUV – it features two asynchronous motors, one on each axle. Mercedes claims that the total output of the system is 402-780bhp along with a peak torque of 765-1200Nm. Performance is electrifying as a result – 0 to 0-62 MPH (100km/h) is done in 3.0-4.1 seconds, despite the fact that it weighs 2,425kg! Speaking of weight, it’s partly down to its 80kWh battery pack that alone weighs 650kg. However, the upside is that it offers a range of around 450km. Production of the EQC will begin in 2018-2019 at the company’s plant in Bremen, Germany. The EQC will go on sale in European markets first, around mid-2019.

2019 Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric SUV  EQC

2019 Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric SUV EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC revealed

Mercedes-Benz EQC revealed

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