Yamaha drop the R1 bomb

The iconic Yamaha YZF-R1 gets a revamp for My 2020 with better aerodynamics, electronics, and performance.

The latest version gets its inspiration from MotoGP, which is evident from the new fairing and screen that merges straight into the tank. The new led headlamps look meaner than before. New 10-spoke cast magnesium wheels reduce the weight for quick direction changes and more responsive handling. The aluminium alloy fuel-tank weighs 1.6 kilograms less than a comparable steel tank, which reduces the overall weight and is crafted to give the rider a natural lower body connection to the bike.

Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha YZF-R1

The 998-cc, liquid-cooled, in-line four now makes 200 ps and 113.3 nm and features Yamaha’s exclusive cross-plane crankshaft technology derived from the company’s MotoGP machine. Upfront the R1 is a 43-mm KyB fully adjustable inverted fork and a KyB fully adjustable single shock at the rear. On the other hand, the more premium R1M gets a 43-mm fully adjustable Öhlins electronic racing suspension NPX fork at the front and a fully adjustable Öhlins electronic racing suspension single shock at the rear.

Both the bikes get upgraded brakes that feature four-piston radially mounted front calipers, stainless-steel front lines, and 320-mm rotors with high-friction brake pads paired with a compact ABS unit.

The 2020 YZF R1 and R1m feature a new cable-less ride-by-wire. The new Yamaha chip controlled throttle (ycc-t) system transforms rider input into motion, with a full suite of IMu-powered electronic rider aids giving the rider greater confidence. The new electronic systems on the bikes provide more control and personalization.

Also new is a full-colour, TFT display that includes front brake pressure and G-force readouts. It also features a zoomed-in view of the tachometer in the upper rpm range, a lap timer, gear position indicator, and speed. There is a street mode and a track mode that focuses on performance information such as Yamaha ride control settings, including engine Brake Management (eBM) and Brake control (Bc) systems.

Internationally, Yamaha will release the new bikes soon and deliveries are expected to begin by September this year.

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