World’s biggest Mercedes-Benz dealership opens in Hong Kong

World’s biggest Mercedes dealership opens in Hong Kong. The biggest Mercedes- Benz dealership in the world has opened in Chai Wan, Hong Kong.

Built over nine storeys, the 440,000 sqft ‘Brand Centre’ includes new and used car sales, as well as servicing and repair facilities. It also offers a valet service to collect and return vehicles from the Regal Airport Hotel and Causeway Bay Shopping Centre, as the Chai Wan location is away from Hong Kong’s main district centres.

There’s also a driving simulation room, where prospective customers can try out virtual versions of their potential new purchase, as well as do more leisure-oriented tasks such as take part in racing games in the Mercedes F1 car.

A café and exhibition gallery, along with conference facilities, rent-by-the-hour offices (ideal for business customers having their vehicle serviced) and a communal business lounge are designed to allow customers to ‘continue their daily routines’, according to the site’s owners, dealer group Zung Fu.

“We’re excited to introduce our new facilities and services for Hong Kong’s Mercedes-Benz owners,” said Zung Fu Chief Executive Ben Birks. “It feels great to focus on delivering a noticeably more enjoyable showroom experience, while also making ownership ever more easy and convenient.”

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