Winged Ducati V4 Streetfighter revealed

Here at Fast Bikes, we love a good supernaked. And after being tempted for so long by the spy shots and rumours of Ducati’s naked offering, we’ve finally been treated to the first official information on the prototype Streetfighter V4 – and it’s pretty damn naughty.


Just as we’d all hoped, it’s derived directly from the Panigale V4, but has lost the fairings, and has been fitted with high and wide handlebars. Ducati are using the monstrous 1100cm³ Desmosedici Stradale powerplant for good measure, and say it has ‘aerodynamic profiles specifically designed for this model’ – or wings, for us regular folk. Yep, wings, on a naked bike.

Winged Ducati V4 Streetfighter revealed

Winged Ducati V4 Streetfighter revealed

The V4 Streetfighter made its debut at the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, where it was going to clean up, before a tragic accident occurred (see the boxout right). It looked absolutely stunning as well, running a pixelated livery designed by Centro Stile Ducati, who, unlike using a livery to hide the lines, went for a pixelated livery to show ’em off, and give us a taste of how the production machine will look.

According to Claudio Domenicali, the CEO and big boss of Ducati: “The Streetfighter V4 will be one of the stars of the Ducati World Premiere 2020”, which will be presented at EICMA. It will be in Ducati dealerships from mid-March next year, and you can even put down a deposit and register your interest now.

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