Vantage point on the new Aston Martin hero

It’s not that we’re saying ‘told you so,’ but three years ago the Virage-derived V8 Vantage came out as the top pick from our Aston Martins to Buy Now feature. At the time we pointed out that the best examples were making £120k – but they could still be found for less. Since then their values have accelerated at a rate to match their 4.6-second 0-60mph time. £125k doesn’t even get you into the game now, and the very best are now more like double that. Get a strong hankering for one of the special edition Le Mans or V600 cars and you can add another 30%.

With the kind of performance on offer, and one of motoring’s great badges, it’s really no surprise that this has become Aston Martin’s last hero car for the old-school pre-Vanquish era. Even if they have now vanished out of a lot more people’s reach, do all you can to try to drive one of these awesome roadgoing dragsters at some point.

 Vantage point on the new Aston Martin hero

Vantage point on the new Aston Martin hero

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