Ultra-rare 1960 Triumph TRS racer

An ultra-rare 1960 Triumph TRS with Le Mans provenance has been acquired for sale by Bicester Heritage-based specialists in post-war British sports cars, Pendine Historic Cars. As one of just four ever built, the ex-Works TRS is famous for playing a significant role in British motoring history as one of three cars which competed in Triumph’s 1960 and 1961 assault on the 24 hours of Le Mans, with their performance resulting in the prestigious manufacturer’s team prize.

The cars set the scene for the yet to be released TR4 and featured the very rare Sabrina twin cam prototype engine, developed specifically for the demanding Le Mans race by the Triumph Competition Department in 1959, of which only a handful exist today.

rare 1960 Triumph TRS with Le Mans provenance

1960 Triumph TRS with Le Mans provenance

927 HP first competed in the 1960 Le Mans driven by Peter Bolton and Ninian Sanderson. Despite running faultlessly and with the three TRS cars finishing in 15th, 18th and 19th places, this was not Triumph’s year and none of the cars covered the minimum distance required to be classified. However, in 1961 all three cars returned to Le Mans, this time with 927 HP raced by Les Leston and Rob Slotemaker. All three cars not only finished the race, but also covered the minimum distance required and, placing in 9th, 11th and 15th, they won Triumph the manufacturer’s team prize.

‘This is a genuine ex-Works Triumph TRS with extremely rare racing provenance as well as the legendary Sabrina engine,’ commented Jonny Shears of Pendine Historic Cars. ‘Not only did this car compete twice in the world’s oldest and most famous endurance race, but the Sabrina engine developed by Triumph never made it into mass production, making this a really special sports car, either for competing or showing at today’s most exclusive motoring events.’

The car is being offered with an asking price of £295,000. Call 07770 762 751 or visit www.pendine.com

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