Triumph release their mental Rocket III

Want something slightly silly, super-fast in a straight line and with an engine that’s probably big enough to power a cruise ship? Well, look no further than Triumph’s new ROCKET III.

Firstly, Triumph looked at the outgoing model and decided that, really, 2.3 litres just wasn’t enough. Who can argue with that? It means that the new machine is powered by an utterly massive 2.5-litre engine, with a claimed power figure of 170bhp – making it the most powerful Triumph ever to leave the factory. Oh, and the most interesting part? It will make an absolutely whopping 163ft-lb of torque, which is not only a new record for Triumph, but also for production bikes as well. Utter madness.

Triumph release their mental Rocket III

Triumph release their mental Rocket III

It’s not just the engine that’s been pimped up either, as Triumph have gifted the Rocket III with a whole host of other goodies as well. New Brembo Stylema brakes should offer a beefy amount of stopping power while new Monoshock suspension and a single-sided swingarm should add a classier ride, with all the electronic goodies you’d expect on the side: riding modes, traction control, ABS, quickshifter, keyless ignition, Bluetooth connectivity, and even a hill-hold function so you don’t make a tit of yourself. Mind you, Triumph have managed to stick it on a diet and shed a load of weight for good measure, meaning that the newest Rocket will come in 40kg lighter than the previous model… although don’t get too excited as it will still be on the wrong side of 300kg.

We haven’t heard a figure for price at the moment, but with Only 750 being made (for the moment anyway) don’t expect it to come in cheap…

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