The ‘Road Rover’ will sit on JLR’s new MLA platform

According to Jaguar Land Rover’s latest official figures, Jaguar sold 161,601 cars globally last year and produced a further 6251 at its joint venture in China. That excluding-China figure is 10.6% down on 2018’s total of 180,833 cars, and 161,000 sales across six model lines remain a marginal proposition.


The biggest loser was the XF, which fell 50% to 15,628 units in 2019. That was followed by the XE, which was down 15% to 25,951 units. Although it was on run-out, the XJ managed to clock up 4017 sales. Jaguar’s biggest seller was the F-Pace but, even so, that was down 14% from 56,563 units in 2018 to 48,484 last year. The E-Pace managed to edge up 2% to 42,939 units.

The ‘Road Rover’ will sit on JLR’s new MLA platform

The ‘Road Rover’ will sit on JLR’s new MLA platform

Although 2019 was the first full sales year for the I-Pace, its sales of 17,355 were described by one of the suppliers for the car last month as “rather less” than had been planned for. Finally, F-Type sales slipped by 9% to 7227 units in 2019.

Including the XJ, Jaguar sold 45,596 saloons and 108,778 SUVs in 2019, each across three model lines. The remaining was 7227 F-Type sports cars.

Clearly, Jaguar remains a very small brand by global standards, but by the end of next year it will have the electric XJ, the new J-Pace flagship and a thoroughly refreshed F-Pace and E-Pace, all of which is significant investment.

Perhaps there’s now a pause on decisions relating to the XE, XF and F-Type while bosses monitor a new-car market that’s in the middle of huge politically driven changes.

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