SVE TR1KE project for sale

Exo Sportscars has recently announced that it is selling the production rights to its three-wheeler exoskeletal TR1ke kit as the manufacturer moves all of its attention onto the Rocket and Rocket II models.

Available at the time of publication for the price of £19,995, the sale will include worldwide manufacturing rights as well as the moulds and jigs required to produce the model, which made its debut in 2010.

While originally developed around the Yamaha R1’s powertrain, the team has also subsequently developed the platform around both the R6 and the semi-automatic Aprilia Mana engines. An advert was placed on eBay at the time of publication, but interested parties should still contact the team at Exo Sports Cars.

SVE TR1ke project for sale

SVE TR1ke project for sale / W:

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