Super-rare 1978 Ford XC Fairmont hardtop

Top effort! Jimmy’s chop shop is giving away a beautifully restored XC Fairmont hardtop – or if you prefer, a cool $100k!

Want to win a super-rare 1978 Ford XC Fairmont Hardtop? No? How about $100,000 in cold hard cash? Well if you’re interested in either, the guys at Jimmy’s Chop Shop on Queensland’s Darling Downs have you sorted. They’re giving one lucky person the chance to win either of these fantastic prices, and even better, it’s all in the name of charity. Every $40 you spend on merch from the Jimmy’s Chop Shop website gets you an entry into the comp, with all proceeds going to help young athletes achieve their dream.

1978 Ford XC Fairmont hardtop

1978 Ford XC Fairmont hardtop

The Jimmy’s boys will choose young upcoming athletes to sponsor to help them out with their financial difficulties as they fight their way to the top of their sport. “We’ve already sponsored four athletes,” says Jimmy’s Chop Shop fabricator Brendon Quirey. “One is now signed on with a proper freestyle motocross team and another is an up-and-coming Muay Thai fighter.”

The car itself is one of only 135 XC Fairmont coupes produced in 1978, and was found in Queensland with levels of rust pretty typical for an unrestored Ford coupe of that era. While the boys at Jimmy’s were well and truly capable of tackling all the rust repairs, things like the paint and interior were farmed out to local shops. Amazingly, the car only took a few months to complete, and due to the charitable nature of the build most of the local businesses chucked in their services at cost price to help out the good cause. Nice!

The old girl is powered by the factory 302 Cleveland that has been given a refresh by Trevor Rowan, backed up by an FMX auto. Being a Fairmont, she came factory with all the 70s fruit, and the car has been largely restored to standard bar the black stripes and a couple more inches of width on the standard steelies – because who doesn’t need a few more inches in their life?

The competition has been up and running since Jimmy’s Chop Shop’s new website launched in September last year, but you’ll need to get in quick! The comp closes on 13 April, when the lucky winner can choose either to take home the coupe (originally intended for the shop’s director Darren Cardiff) or $100K to do as you please with. If the comp gets enough support, the boys may even have another car up their sleeve for a similar giveaway in the future.

Jimmy’s Chop Shop’s merch includes T-shirts, stubby holders, sunnies and loads more, so make sure you check it out, buy some swag and score yourself a few entries at

MAIN: The team from Jimmy’s Chop Shop with their giveaway XC coupe (L to R): Brendon Quirey (fabricator), Darren Cardiff (director) and Jimmy Lindsay (fabricator)

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