Speedboat reborn as Mercedes-Benz 250CE W114

A Bulgarian artist has retrimmed an anonymous Saudi Arabian entrepreneur’s Mercedes-Benz 250 CE C114/W114 with wood from his Riva Aquamarine speedboat, after its remains were discovered 30 years after it had been stolen.

The ebony veneer adorns the dashboard, doors and centre console of the car, which also has a handstitched blue leather interior. Both the car and the vessel were bought new by the owner in 1970, so when the partially destroyed boat was discovered in Cairo after being missing since 1988, he decided to combine the two.

entrepreneur’s Mercedes-Benz 250 CE C114/W114

Mercedes-Benz 250 CE C114/W114

The unique interior was the work of Bulgarian artist and sculptor AtanasVilner, after the owner had both the car and the remains of the boat shipped to him for the unique project.

Vilner first selected some usable pieces of ebony from the boat’s deck, combining them with walnut and then pressing them into veneer in shapes required for the car.

Vilner then added some individual touches – a Becker Mexico retro stereo, blue leather seats and door cards, blue glowing speakers and a hand-perforated Alcantara headlining.

“We used perforation because of the original leather lining, to retain the classic atmosphere despite the technical fabric,” says Vilner. Brown seatbelts to match the veneer and a unique blue and black leather steering wheel complete the oneoff cabin, while Vilner also added a unique leather holdall to match the interior – a gift to the owner from his studio.

“We’ve created a remarkable car. An automobile which says a lot for its owner and which is a temple for the spirit of his beloved boat,” added Vilner.

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