Softail Standard Returns

Just when you thought that Harley-Davidson couldn’t possibly add another So­ ail to their biggest family line up ever, they tell us that the So­ ail Standard is back!

It’s been missing for a few years, and while the new model is technically the entry level of a broader family that also includes the old Dyna models, slotting in beneath the Street Bob where the Super Glide should be, we welcome it with open arms because it’s a lot of bike for the money. It also seems to mark a change in emphasis from Dark Custom, returning to polished cases and clear-coat on the fork legs. Don’t get too excited about new parts, but do put out the bunting if you love the Street Bob but prefer your aluminium to be at least visible, because it is a Street Bob without the black paint: I think the only new part is a tuck ‘n roll seat … and a £11,495 price tag, which is little more than a 1200 Sportster Custom, and less than a Scout!

Harley-Davidson Softail Standard

Harley-Davidson Softail Standard

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