‘Singered’ Ferrari 348 aims for peak analogue

Surrey-based startup Evoluto Automobili plans to do for the Ferrari 348 what Singer has done for the 911. Using a donor 348 as the base, the company proposes an all-new carbonfibre body that looks like an F355 ‘Evo’ might have, with accentuated features and LED lighting units. But most important is the engine – a 360 lump that uses the 458 Speciale as a performance benchmark.

Showcased beneath a glass cover, the plan is to mate the V8 to a six-speed manual gearbox and let it breathe through a more liberating race exhaust. The firm’s primary philosphy is to reach ‘peak analogue’ in terms of connection to the driver – the firm namechecks the Porsche Carrera GT as its visceral yardstick. The prototype is six months from completion.

Ferrari 348 by Evoluto

Ferrari 348 by Evoluto

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