Rumoured Lotus Esprit to take on Ferrari?

According to a recent article in Autocar magazine, Lotus is rumoured to be working on a new supercar to sit above the Evora that could launch as early as next year. A strict two-seater with power figures in excess of 500bhp, the new model is believed to have Ferrari and McLaren firmly in its sights and could bring with it the return of the classic Esprit moniker – which celebrates its 45th anniversary next year.

While there’s no concrete information on the proposed model, Autocar believes it will likely use hybrid technology with a Toyota derived V6, leading us to question whether the rumoured supercar will be all-wheel-drive. It’s also expected that the proposed model will be the last to use the current bonded extruded aluminium chassis structure – which has underpinned the Lotus range since the Elise S1 of 1996 – before the next generation of cars usher in an all new rivet-bonded platform.

We must state this is only rumoured news, but this wouldn’t be the first time Autocar has speculated on such matters with the confirmed Evija and anticipated next generation Elan being two other examples. Would you like to see the Esprit nameplate return to Hethel?

Rumoured Esprit to take on Ferrari?

This is the Esprit concept from 2010 which never made production

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