RPM Technik Reveals Porsche 911 996 CSR EVO

New 996 CSR EVO revealed Track-focused protégé is most dynamic ever product from RPM Technik’s CSR range…

RPM Technik has unveiled its latest and most focused car from its critically acclaimed CSR line of modified Porsche 911s. Based on a Gen2 Carrera 2, the 996 CSR EVO has been optimised for high-performance track work, and features a plethora of upgrades involving chassis, engine, drivetrain and design re-engineering.

RPM’S New Track-Focused CSR Special 350hp 996 Carrera-based CSR EVO

RPM’S New Track-Focused CSR Special 350hp 996 Carrera-based CSR EVO

The 996 CSR EVO has a mouthwatering spec including stage one power pack and cams, deep sump extension, KW Clubsport three-way adjustable suspension, adjustable lower arms and anti-roll bars, lightweight flywheel and clutch as well as a CSR-developed mechanical LSD.

Shedding a healthy 45 kilograms from a stock 3.6-litre 996 Carrera, the CSR EVO produces what RPM says is around 350bhp. The car benefits from a CSR preservation pack, which looks to better equip the M96 engine for the rigours of track work.

Darren Anderson, RPM Technik’s commercial director, says the CSR EVO swings the needle firmly towards track use, telling Total 911: “CSR has always been about driver-focused vehicles, but for the EVO we have concentrated on building our most circuit-capable 996 CSR to date without reducing any of the character and day-to-day driver ethos of the CSR. The feel and driver feedback from the EVO is all about performance.” The 996 CSR EVO package is available from £55,000. Interested parties should visit rpmtechnik.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1296 663824.


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