Rotiform Aerodiscs

You can’t have failed to have noticed that rocking a set of turbo fans on your wheels is a seriously good look at the moment. Obviously it’s always been a good look, from the very day an engineer bolted the first set to a (we think) Porsche 935’s front wheel, but in terms of modified car culture, they’ve never been more popular. US wheel gurus Rotiform obviously know a set of fans is a good look too, as they’ve only gone and released what has to be the world’s first set of off-the-shelf fans.

They’re designed to thread directly on to Rotiform’s cast 9.5×19” LAS-R and RSE wheels so if you’ve got a set on your car, getting a super awesome-looking set of fans is as simple as screwing on a hex nut. And of course, easy on, easy off, so you’ve pretty much got two sets of wheels in one. They’re available in gloss black or gloss white, which leaves you free to apply your own graphics. The Aerodiscs are sold individually, so you could put them on just the fronts or on all four corners. Or, you could put them on just the rears, but that would be weird…


Rotiform Aerodiscs

PRICE: £100 each


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