Ronal R50 Aero wheels

Certain wheel designs never seem to date. The Ronal R50 Aero is a case in point, but don’t resign yourself to having to make do with traditional finishes; despite being more than forty years old, the R50 Aero is now available as a ‘ball polished’ version in four and five-stud fitments with offsets, diameters and PCDs to suit almost every modern and classic car! The R50 Aero’s lineage can be traced back to a Ronal split rim used in Group 5 racing.

The road-going version (R10 Turbo) was released in 1983 and featured the same clever spoke design channelling air towards brakes whilst shielding anchors from dirt and dust. The latest take on the R50 Aero looks fantastic thanks to its high-quality polished surface, although diamond cut and tough-looking black finishes are also available to order.

Ronal R50 Aero wheels

Ronal R50 Aero wheels

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