Rare Triumph Herald 1200 resumes training duty

The Association of Heritage Engineers (AoHE), set up at the beginning of last year to help prevent skills, experience and information from a variety of heritage engineering sectors being lost, has acquired what it believes is the only remaining Triumph Herald 1200 training chassis. Certainly it is the last one that will continue to be used as the manufacturer intended – for the education of apprentices.

Built by Triumph’s display department and sent originally to a Lincolnshire college, it was worked on by restorer and mechanic John Simpson (who will be familiar to many classic fans in the area) when he attended the college as a student in the late 1960s and ’70s.

 Rare Herald resumes training duty

Rare Herald resumes training duty

Featuring what is surely one of the most serviced Herald engines in the world, if also one of the least travelled, the chassis will be restored by the AoHE with the help of the apprentices at the Heritage Skills Academy based on the Bicester Heritage technical site, and will be available to the students as part of their training. The AoHE will also be taking the display chassis to shows over the course of the year, with literally a rolling restoration in progress. Some parts have been robbed over the years, including gauges, master cylinders, indicator and light stalks, while the steering wheel is damaged and the seat torn. Anyone wishing to provide information or donate parts to the project should contact the AoHE – look for details on the website at www.associationof heritageengineers.co.uk

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