Projects for the very brave

In Drive-My, we wrote about a 500cc 1951 Cooper MkIV that Daniel Rapley bought at the estate sale of American collector Herb Tobin. It turns out that Rapley bought two other Cooper 500s at the same sale: a 1953 MkVII and a c1955 MkIX. Both of these cars had previously been owned by Art Jacobs, who sold them to Tobin in 1975. As far as is known, the MkIX has not raced since the late 1960s, but so far no history has been unearthed on the MkVII, though there is talk of it having raced at one time with a two-cylinder Panhard engine. The car has a Vintage Sports Car Club of America inspection sticker from one event in the mid-1980s.


COOPER COLLECTIVE Projects for the very brave

David Wall established his restoration business back in 1977, in the delightfully named Toad Hall Workshops in Wroxham, Norfolk. Over the years he has found a number of abandoned cars, and recently came across a pair that he thought might suit someone starting out in the classic world. One is easy enough to identify as an MGB GT but the other, which is almost completely overtaken by the undergrowth, is an MGY-type.

“The idea was to find new homes for them, to introduce somebody into the hobby for a modest sum,” explained Hall. “Alas, I couldn’t find anybody with enough go, so they stand as testament to how the old-car scene has changed. But not for much longer, because I need the space. I also have a couple of Austin Sevens that seem to be going the same way!” Can you give these cars a new home? For details, email [email protected]

Two MGs – a BGT and a Y-type – await rescue from their overgrown East Anglian hideout.

Two MGs – a BGT and a Y-type – await rescue from their overgrown East Anglian hideout. MkVII probably last raced in the 1980s.

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