Porsche Heaven on Earth!

How does the thought of being able to rock up to a modern development set in the heart of the English countryside, home to businesses dedicated to the Porsche marque and a future host to Porsche events large and small sound to you? This is the brainchild of Porsche aficianado Frank Cassidy. And the concept is called Boxengasse.


In his own words, ʻBoxengasse is a destination with over 25,000sq ft of bespoke-built premises for services and hospitality, all set within 100 acres of outdoor event space, amongst woodlands and lakes; and itʼs entirely dedicated to Porsche!ʼ

The location has been carefully chosen – itʼs purposely situated in central England, 90 minutes from over 50 per cent of the UKʼs entire population and only 30 minutes from Silverstone Circuit and “Motorsport Valley”, the area that has become home to so many race teams. Boxengasse will be a one-stop destination for Porsche enthusiasts.

The major news is that, after more than a year of development, Boxengasse is proud to announce that marque specialists Autofarm will be offering a full range of Porsche services on site in early 2019. Autofarm is, as few will need reminding, the longest-standing independent Porsche specialists in the UK. Frank is understandably excited about the whole project, one which has been a personal brainchild for many years. The build work is coming along well, and it will only be a matter of time before we can give you some more news. But as you can see from the ʻwork in progressʼ photos, this is no pie in the sky project – and we canʼt wait to see it completed.

Boxengasse project

Boxengasse project

Future plans are to hold regular ʻcars & coffeeʼ meetings, as well as an annual Porsche show, something we can all look forward to. If you want to keep abreast of developments – or run a business which you think would like to become part of the Boxengasse project – then log on to… www.boxengasse.com

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