Porsche debuts 992 Aerokit Option

Mini GT3 styling now available for Carrera coupé models

The wait continues for the next 911 GT3. In the meantime, Porsche has unleashed the Aerokit option for the latest Type-992 911 Carrera. Only available for coupé variants, the kit includes front and rear bumpers from the existing SportDesign package, plus a pair of SportDesign sideskirts.

Porsche debuts 992 Aerokit Option

Porsche debuts 992 Aerokit Option

But the showbiz feature is the large fixed rear wing with distinct GT3 overtones. However, it’s not quite the same wing that will feature on the next GT3, which has been glimpsed both on development cars undergoing testing and very briefly in the latest Superbowl TV spot in the USA recently. The GT3 will get an even larger and more aggressive wing with so-called ‘swan neck’ supports that curve up and over the top surface of the main aerofoil.

Likewise, the fact that Porsche says the 992 Aerokit reduces lift rather than actually delivers downforce reflects the practical differences between it and the GT3 equivalent, the latter having produced net downforce for several generations. That said, Porsche does claim the Aerokit tips marginally into overall downforce when the 992’s optional sunroof is open. Handy tip for track day enthusiasts.

For the record, the Aerokit can be optioned in the UK for £4023. Stateside it will set you back $6910. For context, the SportDesign package consisting of just the front and rear bumpers is £2853 in the UK and $4890 in the USA. The Aerokit is not available for cabriolet models. For now it can also only be had on new cars via the configurator, though we understand that it will be made available to existing 992 Carrera owners as an aftersales Tequipment product later this year.

New 992 Aerokit option for that mini GT3 look. We’re liking it, particularly in Guards Red

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