Porsche classic’s Carrera GT resto’ revealed

Do not adjust your spectacles, screen or iPad (other tablet brands are available). This is indeed a dark green Carrera GT with gold accented rolling stock. It’s not only that, but also the work of Porsche Classic, who were entrusted with what is described as a full recommissioning of the iconic V10 supercar.

All that glisters is not green

According to Porsche Classic, the car’s nameless collector owner wanted a “complete, custom reconstruction of the vehicle implemented at a manufacturing quality that can only be achieved by Porsche itself.” That involved the vehicle being entirely disassembled down to its component parts, with every item extensively checked, refurbished or replaced.

 Porsche classic’s Carrera GT resto’ revealed

Porsche classic’s Carrera GT resto’ revealed

Aside from the minor matter of the completely overhauled engine, transmission and chassis components, this CGT was also treated to a full cosmetic reimagining. Working with Porsche Classic, the owner chose Oak Green Metallic paintwork, a colour that appeared for the first time in the 1970s, but wasn’t offered from new for the Carrera GT.

Not enough? Then cast your gaze at the rims. Said to be inspired by classic motorsport wheels from BBS, the aim was a gold centre with a polished rim. However, material experts from the Porsche R&D centre Weissach advised that polishing the rim ring would structurally alter the magnesium structure of the CGT’s wheels that could dangerously weaken them. An alternative process was required.

The solution was found in using the precious metal silver. In an innovative procedure never before used in series vehicle construction, a silver layer was applied to create a visually chrome-like surface finish. This high-gloss silver layer requires a final protective coating of lacquer, however, because silver is second only to iron in terms of rapid of oxidisation. Unsightly tarnished wheels will not do.

The gold of the star-spoke has also been picked up elsewhere, for example in the Porsche lettering on the brake calipers, in the engine compartment, on the intake housings, and even in the interior, where the top marking in the centre of the steering wheel is adorned by a single gold stripe flanked on both sides by a stripe of Oak Green.

Even after all that, there was much more to be done. “Because the coating on older carbon fibre parts tends to yellow and fade, we spent 350 hours manually sanding and recoating all the carbon fibre components, including the monocoque,” says Uwe Makrutzki, Manager of Porsche Classic Factory Restorations in Stuttgart.

On completion, the car was delivered to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, where it was presented to the owner and another 100 guests. Whatever you think of the outcome, it’s certainly striking. With Project Gold in mind – the ‘new’ 993 Turbo built up from parts by Porsche Classic – however, may we suggest you think twice before using Porsche Classic unless you like you Porsches with an aurelian air.

Even the Carrera GT is considered a classic now. This stunning example in green, with gold wheels, is the work of Porsche Classic, who completely stripped and recomissioned the supercar.

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