Polish tuner reveals Mercedes-Benz X-Class 6X6 Br. 470

If you think the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pick-up is a bit too ‘sensible’, you might need to book a flight to Poland to try and persuade Carlex Design to build the EXY 6×6. Yes, 6×6 as in six wheels, with a third axle slung under the cargo bed for an entirely new look. It’s strictly a concept for the time being, but serious off-road tyres, huge ground clearance and a front winch suggest it would be practically unstoppable.


Other unique design touches include tough-looking bolt-on items like a bonnet scoop, skeletal rollover bar and X-shaped tailgate, along with massively flared wheel arch extensions. Power outputs haven’t been confirmed, but we’d expect Carlex Design to opt for a tuned version of the V6-powered X 350 d to keep all those wheels turning while traversing near-vertical sand dunes.

If having six wheels isn’t a primary concern, Carlex Design already offers a range of X-Class makeover packages, from the EXY Carbon X with 18-inch wheels and BF Goodrich tyres, a carbon body kit, graphics and a new steering wheel for the outlandish EXY Yachting Edition. This is inspired by the world of sailing and Maybach, featuring a teak cargo bed, 20-inch wheels, a sumptuous interior and carbon ceramic brakes.

2019 Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse 6x6 Br. 470

2019 Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse 6×6 Br. 470

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