Okinawa Electric Scooters Become Cheaper

Okinawa Electric Scooters have become the first electric two-wheelers to receive FAMe-II approval and now become more accessible by as much as rs 26,000.


After the implementation of the FAMe-II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of [hybrid &] electric vehicles II) plan, some electric vehicle manufacturers were adversely hit because of the new norms. India-based Okinawa Scooters have become the first to jump back on the FAMe-II scheme and are now able to offer subsidies from rs 17,000 onwards for their products.

The Automotive research Association of India (ArAI) has given the lithium-ion battery powered Okinawa models the green signal; specifically, the I-Praise and the ridge+. Both scooters have met various parameters required for the certification. Some of these prerequisites are a speed of around 40 km/h, range of about 80 km/ charge, and 50 per cent localization.

 Okinawa Electric Scooter
Okinawa Electric Scooter

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