New Schnitzer 2021 BMW X3 M G01

AC Schnitzer’s revised version of the X3 M is said to show that even BMW’s M vehicles have not yet reached their full potential…

AC Schnitzer has revealed its latest take on the BMW X3, in this instance none other than the X3 M model. The most dynamic version of BMW’s mid-range SUV has been given a noticeable boost by the engineers in Aachen. Schnitzer’s ‘performance upgrade’ affords both X3 M and X3 M Competition models a power hike from 510hp to 600hp (X3 M Comp – X3 M figures yet to be confirmed) alongside chassis, exterior and interior styling upgrades.

New Schnitzer 2021 BMW X3 M G01

New Schnitzer 2021 BMW X3 M G01

AC Schnitzer’s tweaks to the vehicle’s suspension come via a spring kit which lowers the model by 20-25mm both front and rear over the standard ride height – this affords maximum handling prowess despite the increased ground clearance typical of SUVs. Further improvements come thanks to an aerodynamic package rife with accents, amongst them an AC Schnitzer front splitter, rear roof wing (fitted into the rear roof spoiler), rear skirt protection film and AC Schnitzer emblems. The aerodynamic elements mentioned first are, of course, not only responsible for improved visuals, above all else they aid downforce on the front and rear axle.

Inside Schnitzer offers a new pedal set with matching footrest, aluminium shift paddle set, key holder and an aluminium Black Line cover for the car’s iDrive Controller. Tucked inside the wheel arches come AC1 Light Alloy Wheels – Bi-Color or anthracite – in 8.5×20-inch out front, 10×20-inch at the rear, or 9×22-inch AC2 Light Alloy Wheels in Bi-Color, or Anthracite/Black, part of Schnitzer’s extensive range of wheel options. Taking the X3 M a stage further than BMW initially intended, AC Schnitzer’s X3 M includes a four year warranty.

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