New Porsche Exclusive 911s set to be revealed

Exclusive department to collaborate with Style Porsche for Heritage specials

Porsche has announced an exciting new concept for a series of low-number, special-edition 911s, set to be revealed next year as part of a new ‘Heritage Design Strategy’. The result of an ‘extraordinary’ collaboration between Porsche Style and the storied Exclusive department, Porsche says the partners are “reinterpreting exclusive 911 models with iconic elements stemming from Porsche vehicles dating back to the 1950s through to the 1980s”.

Porsche Heritage Design Strategy: re-interpreting classic design elements

Porsche Heritage Design Strategy: re-interpreting classic design elements

These new cars will form part of a ‘Lifestyle’ operative, whereby specially honed new vehicles with modern-day technology will feature a number of emotive references to vehicles of the past. One such vehicle is mooted to be a new Sport Classic, first reported last article Drive-My, due for release in 2021.

“Porsche set benchmarks in terms of design and styling from the outset – vehicles from different eras are style icons nowadays. We bring back these iconic looks and thus prove that Porsche will stay true to its roots, even in the age of electrification,” says Ivo van Hulten, director of interior design. Heritage Design will reintroduce colours and materials from the company’s past: “Old colour and equipment cards, museum vehicles, design elements from the corresponding era – we took all this as our inspiration to reinterpret the design language of the past,” van Hulten adds.

The fruits of the Heritage Design Strategy were first witnessed by the new Heritage Design Pack on the 991 Speedster earlier in 2019, which Porsche says “gives an initial outlook on the design of these ‘Lifestyle’ vehicles”. Moving forward, certain elements from the corresponding decades will also be made available for all 911 models as part of a Heritage Design Package.

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