New Ford Escort Mk2 replica

While we were at Great British Sports Cars’ factory this month (more on page 34) we managed to grab a closer look at the upcoming Motorsport Tools Mk2 Ford Escort replica, which could soon be offered as a kit.

GBS is currently assisting Welsh performance Ford specialist Motorsport Tools in preparing the brand new replica for IVA testing, a whole 39 years after the second generation Escort ended production at Halewood.

When we say brand new, we mean it; the shell is a reproduction steel monocoque, the proposed powerplant is a 2.5-litre throttle bodied Ford Duratec driving through a Mazda 6-speed transmission and the car currently sits on specific ATR dampers.

GBS MD Richard Hall explained to us that the intention is to create a genuine jump-in-and-drive car with modern performance and reliability, but in that much loved rally-bred shape.

With the original Escort Mk2 being such a prolific rally star, on both professional and clubman stages, Motorsport Tools intends to sell each replica with a fitted rollcage, stiffened panels, wide wheelarches and a basic, lightweight interior.

But it will offer comfort options such as power-steering and carpets for less track focused customers when it goes on sale as soon as xsnext year.

For more information on the project, both Motorsport Tools and Great British Sports Cars have details on their respective websites.

New Ford Escort Mk2 replica

New Ford Escort Mk2 replica




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