New Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport R and RS available for Porsche GT cars

Goodyear releases new high-performance tyres for the track.

Tyre giant Goodyear has entered the track day tyre war with the release of its Eagle F1 Supersport R and Supersport RS, which will do battle against the Michelin Cup 2, Cup 2 R and Pirelli Trofeo R as street-legal track or race tyres. Meanwhile, the Eagle F1 Supersport enters the market as a UUHP (ultra-ultra high performance) tyre ideal for road use in a Carrera derivative of Porsche 911.

Goodyear releases new high-performance tyres for the track.

Goodyear releases new high-performance tyres for the track

Aimed at Porsche’s newest GT cars however, the Supersport R features Goodyear’s Advanced Control Compound technology, increasing the contact area with an adapted resin compound to deliver increased performance in dry conditions. Bridges in the first groove of the tyre offer block stability and bending resistance for increased cornering speeds, while a new tread deformation protector offers what Goodyear says is superior high-speed stability.

Drive-My was given early access to test the Supersport R at Ascari Race Resort, fitted to the wheels of a 991.2 GT3 RS. Test driver Richard Higgins commented afterwards: “The progression with which the tyres start to let go is divine. Pushing hard in the GT3 RS, you can feel when you are on the edge, but the tyres do a great job of clinging on and working with you. They stick like glue when up to a very warm temperature – the levels of confidence they generate is scary, providing beautiful grip on turn-in and wonderful traction on the exit. The tyres do not want to part with the tarmac so easily, and when they do it is so slowly and progressive, you have time to balance the car with both throttle and steering. It’s a hugely impressive tyre.”

Goodyear’s new lineup of Eagle F1 performance tyres are available immediately.

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