New 2020 Land Rover Defender at work in Africa

New Defender was put to the test towing supplies in support of operations and fording rivers while tracking prides of lion – the Borana reserve’s challenging environments made it the perfect place to evaluate the new Land Rover’s all-terrain attributes.

The new 2020 Land Rover Defender has moved a step closer to production after completing a demanding testing program with Tusk in Kenya, in support of their lion conservation initiatives in Africa. As well as tracking prides of lions and transporting supplies, the prototype Defender – fitted with an integrated raised air intake and wearing a unique camouflage, also crossed deep rivers, pulled heavily-loaded trailers and negotiated the challenging terrain of the Borana Conservancy, which is home to flat plains, deeply rutted tracks, steep rocky inclines and thick forests.

New Defender at work in Africa

New Defender at work in Africa

Supporting the lion conservation initiative was a fantastic opportunity for the new Defender to showcase its unrivalled breadth of capability. Nick Collins, Engineering Vehicle Line Director, JLR, said: “We are now in the advanced stages of the new Defender’s testing and development phase. Working with our partners at Tusk in Kenya enabled us to gather valuable performance data with the Borana reserve featuring a wide range of challenging environments.”

The new Land Rover Defender will make its world premiere later this year – meanwhile you can watch the new Defender on test here: com. Enjoy!

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